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More hints of discontent with Harper’s prorogue? Angus-Reid Poll

The polls are coming fast and furious today, folks:

The recent prorogation of Parliament does not sit well with a majority of Canadians..a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll
conducted in partnership with the Toronto Star has found…53 per cent of respondents disagree with the decision to
prorogue Parliament. Conversely, only 19 per cent agree with the move. Almost three-in-ten Canadians (28%) are undecided.

That is a substantial number, folks – not just the majority support, but the gap between those who agree and disagree. Even Conservative supporters don’t give Harper majority support in their own group: only 46% of them support it, while 35% disagree. If you’re wondering why the normally media-averse Harper is suddenly doing a flurry of interviews the past few days (he even went on CBC!) this might be a hint why.

Furthermore, Canadians aren’t buying Harper and the Conservative government’s reasons/justifications for prorogue:

About two-in-five Canadians (38%) side with the view of opposition parties, and believe prorogation was invoked in order to curtail an inquiry into the treatment of Afghan detainees. About one quarter of respondents (23%) agree with the federal government’s position that prorogation was necessary to recalibrate, consult and deliver the next stage of the economic plan.

Will some media commentators now concede that yes, maybe the Canadians Against Parliament’s Prorogue FaceBook group and its growing membership IS a sampling of the public’s discontent with this move (as evidenced by this one, and the slump in Conservative support as shown by Ekos)?

(H/T Kady O’Malley from Twitter)


3 comments to More hints of discontent with Harper’s prorogue? Angus-Reid Poll

  • DrStrangeGlove

    That’s right, the only poll that counts is on election day. After that our politicians can do whatever the f*** they please. This is not democracy as approximately half of Canadians (within margin of error) do not agree with the move. Yes, it’s been done before by Liberals and other Conservative governments but the proroguing of parliament should be reserved as an extreme measure – not used twice in one year!!!

  • Polls, polls, polls. The only one that counts is election day. Speaking of which, I imagine that the opposition will immediately call for vote of non-confidence at the earliest opportunity? Presumeably sometime in March / April when the next budget is debated?

    The average Canadian can hardly spell prorogue let alone figure out what it means – post again in three or four weeks to see if there has been any lasting damage…..

  • Bill

    And Dan “do the math” Cook has been making fun of these people all week.

    Aren’t last laughs wonderful Danny Boy?

    You FUCKWIT!

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