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The Parliamentary Budget Officer is going back to work Jan 25 as well

Nice to see Kevin Page figures he also should be getting back to serving the nation and doing his work on January 25:

Prorogation will not silence Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page, who plans to release three substantive reports in the run-up to the March budget. Through a quirk – or, more accurately – complete silence in the rules when it comes to the conduct of his fledgling office during a prorogation, Mr. Page says nothing stops him from continuing with his work.

At this rate, the only people not reporting back to work after January 25 will be the Conservatives.

(H/T: This On That)


3 comments to The Parliamentary Budget Officer is going back to work Jan 25 as well

  • Nadia

    Yeah, this displays a misunderstanding of how the Hill works and what those who work there do.

    Everyone working on the Hill, other than the politicians, is there year-round, including Mr. Page.

    (I’m not suggesting that politicians don’t work year-round, they’re just not on the Hill all year.)

  • Bill

    I see Dan “Here’s the Fucking Math” Cook is still following facebook numbers. Maybe in 2010, his fucking editors at the Grope & Flail open his bullshit take on the world to comments.

    Dan “Blogoshitics” Cook, you suck!

  • Chet

    Correction, Kevin Page probably got back to work on the 5th, just like everyone else who works on the hill, (other than conservative MPs)

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