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If no one cares about detainee issue, Mr Harper, then release the uncensored documents

Harper came out on his CBC interview with Peter Mansbridge tonight claiming that the Canadian public “don’t care” about the issue.

Well, Mr Harper, if people don’t care, then there should be no reason for you to not hand over the documents to Parliament and by proxy the Afghanistan Committee – as voted on and ordered by Parliament (as you’re eventually going to have to anyhow, I predict).

Concurrently, there should also be no reason if people don’t care why you can’t and haven’t been handing those same documents over to the Military Police Commission, which is authorized to read potential secret documents and refrain from releasing them if deemed hazardous to national security. Indeed, you’ve stonewalled that commission, refused to renew its commissioner’s term, and stonewalled it even worse then the Afghanistan Parliamentary Committee.

There should also be no reason not to hold an independent judicial inquiry into the matter.

One last thing; even if you’re right about people not caring (and I find that extremely debatable; I think people do care about whether we’ve been following international law or not as it pertains to torture), the International Criminal Court doesn’t care whether the Canadian public cares or not. The only thing it cares about is if the law has been broken as it pertains to turning over detainees knowing there was a strong possibility (not even proof- just a possibility) that they’d be tortured.

If they believe there was evidence of this, and they see that Canada is refusing to investigate (as they might conclude, from seeing the Conservative government stonewalling a military commission, stonewalling a Parliamentary committee and refusing a Parliamentary vote order), then they’ll take it upon themselves to investigate Canada. You and your officials certainly might care then, Mr. Harper.

So, if there’s nothing to worry about and nothing to hide, Mr. Prime Minister, turn over the uncensored documents ASAP.


3 comments to If no one cares about detainee issue, Mr Harper, then release the uncensored documents

  • shawn heslip

    trever the troll!Go away

  • Trevor

    Despite what the headline at the Star reads, Harper did not say that people “don’t care”. He in fact said that the issue wasn’t on the top of most peoples radars.

    Convenient that the Star cut off comments right before the interview so that nobody can call them on the misquote. This was probably a waste of time typing because I doubt that you will post it anyway.

  • foottothefire

    The danger is that many don’t care; the similarities between Harper’s approach and Hitler’s approach are staggering.

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