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Not a bad idea: Coyne and Wells offer to host symbolic parliament

It’s sort of tongue in cheek, but I think the opposition should take them up on their offer – the premise starts at 10:00 of their podcast discussing the proroguing of Parliament, and the offer comes up at 11:38.

Why not? As Coyne says, the opposition parties really need to be making a stink about this. So far, as compared to the aforementioned grassroots-based Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook group, the opposition parties have been rather slow off the mark. Perhaps they’re biding their time – but they need to be a bit more proactive in my view.


7 comments to Not a bad idea: Coyne and Wells offer to host symbolic parliament

  • Leeky

    ” He’ll be back before then, which is more then I can say for Harper.”

    Actually, Harper’s already in Ottawa.

  • Rob

    I’m surprised that the opposition parties aren’t making more hay out of this than they are. The issue seems to be gathering steam despite them, rather than because of their efforts. Any ideas as to why the leaders of the opposition parties in particular haven’t been more vocal?

  • Perhaps Coyne has aspirations to be Speaker? LOL. Cushy job, good benefits…

    All around, a good idea.

  • Leeky

    Don’t expect Ignatieff’s help…he’s vacationing in Europe.

    • @Leeky, That’s fine – the House wasn’t going to reconvene until Jan 25th if Harper hadn’t gone all prorogie. He’ll be back before then, which is more then I can say for Harper.

  • bull caller

    Wouldn’t it be an excellent opportunity to clearly show alternative policies to the existing conservative government’s gong show? It likely would receive excellent coverage, and, the conservatives would at first ignore it, then attempt to belittle it when they lose control of the narrative.

    For gods sake, this country whom 2/3 didn’t even vote for these cretins needs to wake up and rattle Harper’s cage. It took significant grassroots activitiy to turn the tide against the Bush/Rove republicans – unfortunately the same efforts are required here. The more these activities are put out to the people the more groundswell there will be for getting rid of them.

  • I can disagree with him on mnay things, but Coyne sure seems to be one of the few principled and honest conservatives out there.

    Good on him and Wells and I hope MPs of all parties take them up on their offer. Expecting Jack, Gille and Iggy to do anything is silly. Where is Lizzy May? She should be all over this.

    Well, the apathy is exactly what we can expect these days. Perhaps we can ignore the government right out of business.

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