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Belittling Canadian’s activism/outrage at Harper’s prorogue of Parliament.

There’s been a few stories in the media about how this Facebook group, Canadians Against Proroguing of Parliament, which was created last week has been very popular, reaching 20 000 members as of this Toronto Star story on it, 25 000 as of this CBC story, and sitting at currently just over 26000 as I type this blogpost.

A media blogger over at the Globe and Mail, Dan Cook, decided he was going to make fun of all this, and made a snarky title to the effect that this shows only 0.0006% of Canadians are mad about the prorogue.

First off, I’m no expert at math myself, but I believe he’s off by two orders of magnitude; its actually 0.06%, he’s off by 10,000% (we’ll ignore its gone up by 6000 members since he posted this). If I’m wrong on my math calculation, please correct me 😉

Secondly, and less snarkily, a group like this that can get 26000 outraged Canadians to sign up in less then a week shows it’s more then just Liberal/NDP party members and activist bloggers joining; there’s some real anger out there at this prorogue, and I think it’s a shame that Dan wants to put it down. His argument might be that he’s not going after them, but going after the Toronto Star for considering this front page news. He might have a point there, but considering how most media folks assumes regular folks are very apathetic about Parliament in general and this prorogue in particular, I’m not surprised a number like this caught their attention.

Anything that can encourage Canadians to be more politically involved and help hold this Conservative government and Harper accountable is a good thing. Harper may have unknowingly triggered that with his self-serving move to muzzle the Afghanistan detainee hearings. People can tell when a government is trying to cover something up,and people also can tell when there’s no good reason for Parliament not to be in session.

UPDATE: I should mention this same group (as referred to in the news media articles) are planning anti-prorogue protest rallies. It will be interesting to see how many people they can get to come out and turn their good numbers online into actual on-the-street activism.

UPDATE 2 @ 11:53 am : The group is now up over 30 000. I wonder whether Dan will update his blogpost as well to reflect that “new math”.

UPDATE 3 @ 1:24 pm: As alerted by a commenter, It appears Dan Cook did notice the little stink raised on his math (or the online editors did) and changed his math without comment or notice of editing. Very sneaky, Dan. Although, I again will snarkily mention he’s basing that percentage on the old 20 000 number; the group’s now at 33 722 members as of this update.

UPDATE 4 @ 1:35 pm: Poor Backseat Blogger, he doesn’t like it all these folks are raising a stink about Harper’s prorogue of Parliament. Last I looked, we’re still living in a democracy BBS – Harper has only shut down Parliament, he hasn’t shut down the media or people’s right of expression. If you don’t like it, tough.


37 comments to Belittling Canadian’s activism/outrage at Harper’s prorogue of Parliament.

  • Brent Fullard

    Re: “the Cadman hoax” Interesting. I see it’s now a “hoax”. Does that mean that Harper has rounded up all the known copies of the Zytaruk tape, or are all Canadians now subject to the Conservatives’ libel chill and/or parties the the Liberal’s settlement agreement with the Conservatives, such that we can now label this a hoax?

    How many democracies in this world exist where they are more than are at least two parties (eg NDP, LIbs, Bloc) but one party is precluded by legal agreement with the ruling party from raising an issue that the other two are free to pursue? What a farce of a democracy we have insofar as the attempted Cadman bribery matter is concerned

  • Oh, dear.

    BMACK to say that determining .0006% of a figure calls for multiplying same by .0006 is like saying 1% is determined by multiplying by 1.

    I have no real interest in providing a lesson in mathematics… and so point you to Doctor Math. He’ll be able to answer all your questions



    Here is the formula:

    34M X .0006 = 20.4K so Cook was correct no matter what anyone says the math does not lie.

    I am not worried about the numbers. The drop in the poll (not polls) is within the margin of error and interestingly it is not helping the Liberals move up. As for face book, since everyone, even the left wing pundits are saying that these are not real numbers because they can be so easily manipulated they cannot be taken too seriously. As well, we will see how many get off their behinds and actually attend a rally and lastly just because someone may disagree with proroguing does not mean that it will change their vote. This whole issue is just a desperate left wing movement looking for an issue to cling onto. Like the Schreiber affair, the Cadman hoax, the coalition fiasco, Afghan detainees etc etc.. This is just another all too typical left wing shrill that they hope will propel them into power but is just wishful thinking.

    The Liberals have not figured out yet that if they want to win an election that they actually have get Canadians to trust them. They can start by apologizing and paying back the Adsam money that got caught stealing from us and then they will actually need a plan to govern. Making up one phony crisis after another is not going to do it for them.

    P.S. How can you “guarantee” that all those signing up are not card carrying members of opposition parties? Just more wishful thinking.

  • paul

    The ugly truth is that it is not only the avoidance of parliament to produce the documents,It is not only the avoidance of committee and perliamentary scrutiny. It is more than the fact that the consevatives are doing the budget and other government business with out any parliamenatry scrutiny. It is more than the attack on the senate, and the parliament(bodies which though maligned,have done a very good job of sustaining Canada itself). It is more than the contempt harper is showing toward the very institution of democracy. It is more than the arrogant disregard,and contempt for the people of Canada. It is more than the act of treason that started all of this (Cadman affair). It is more than the colosal fossil, It is more than torture, or renditions. It is more than a contempt of law. It is more than the fact that every one of his “fabled” beliefs are all broken. It is more than the election spending games. It is more than the attack on unions,and fair wages. It is more than watching over the end of Canadian manufacturing. It is more than isotopes. It is about more than patronage ( 5 new rush limbaugh’s coming to the senate). It is more than an end to an independant court. It is more than an attack of civil liberty. It is more than Canada’s position in the world is vanishing…
    Unless you want King harper, This governmemt, is an attack on the very things that make Canada, Canada

  • Max Beaton

    Elizabeth May said it best : “It is ironic that Harper campaigned on the issue of accountability. Now it is up to Canadians to hold him accountable.”

  • BMACK, with all due respect, Cook’s math would have been correct only in a country with a population of 3.4 billion.

    Never mind, he’s since corrected his post… courageously doing so without comment.


    First of all Cook’s math is correct and Tribe’s is wrong. Second when every card carrying Liberal, Bloc and NDP member has signed up and there are still people signing up I will worry. Until then this whole thing remains a farce.

  • bull caller

    Its okay conservative trolls. I’m sure everything will be fine – you can just relax now, its probably just a bunch of meddling kids.

    Nothing will happen, just keep the fingers in those ears, close your eyes and keep singing ‘la la la’…

    We’ll check back with you in February okay?

  • AxeGrrl

    It’s almost 1am and there are now almost 55,000 members on the Facebook page!!

    15,000 joined in a matter of hours. Wow!

  • ASME

    Why haven’t you set up a poll where people who don’t want to join a group on Facebook or tweeter can vote? I haven’t voted for that reason. Cheers

  • The number is now about 40,000 and growing.

  • ASME

    For the sake of humanity and Canadians, drop the insults and deal with facts. Dan Cook was off and obviously trying to manipulate which has been proven. We don’t need a whole pile of tripe when people make comments. We don’t need to lower ourselves below the Dan Cook or Harper levels of decency toward the Canadian people.

  • Curious. Two months ago was NOT the time to interrupt the important work of parliament to have an election but now it is. Not only that, but following the tow month break, we should have an election.

    Backseat Blogger is on crack.

  • Chet

    Dan Cook conveniently changed his math, but using numbers from last night. No notice of editing or deletion either. What a slimeball.

  • djn

    People need to start getting resolutions to oppose prorogation and support these rallies in their riding associations, unions, and other civil society organizations. Facebook is a good start, but it’s time to get the big brigades moving as well.

  • Bill

    Paul, when the post went up, the numbers used were 20k into 33 mio….06%

  • Paul

    Isn’t 30000/34 million .0008 or .008%? Not .06%

    I guess that means 99.992% of Canadians support prorogation?

    • MississaugaPeter


      100% – 34,000,000
      10% – 3,400,000
      1% – 340,000
      .1% – 34,000 – the number that will be reached before 3:00 p.m. EST, about 10,000 more than the number of votes the Conservatives received in Prince Edward Island in 2008

  • Bill

    An earlier poster said that the G&M had cut off comments. That’s not quite the case. Cooks pieces of shit posts never have comments open on them. Check out his history of Blogoshitics and you’ll never see a comment on them.

    The guy’s a piss ant. Best part is that Tory bum boy, Tim Powers has used the faulty math reference in his latest G&M shitfest.

  • If you want to use the entire population as a reference point, only 15.6% of Canadians voted CPC in 2008. 84.4% of Canadians didn’t vote for a dictator.

  • Bill

    Dan Cook is a fucking fly speck in an elephants dump.

    He is sometimes on the radio here in Montreal and was for the longest time peddling another math fiction that Obama had won the 2008 election 52/48….when I emailed him to set him straight on his fiction, the number was actually 52.9 vs 45.7….the weak assed piece of shit didn’t even respond.

    The number 20K or whatever is actually more significant when you consider, not the population, but the eligible voting population.

  • Brent Fullard

    Here’s how the Globe deals with their mistake. Much like Harper himself……duck and cover:

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010 7:48 AM
    0.0006% Of Canadians Are Mad

    Dan Cook

    Comments have been disabled

    Editor’s Note: Thanks for your interest in commenting on this article, however we are no longer accepting submissions.

  • Northern PoV

    Quoting Iggy: (now add a few points and work this list into a 30 second TV ad that is not filmed in Narnia …)
    “Look at the record:

    Just over a year ago, he prorogued Parliament just weeks after an election – in order to rescue himself from an unprecedented political and constitutional crisis of his own making.

    He has lashed out at public servants – like Richard Colvin, in the case of the detainees – for daring to speak the truth, and cowed others into silence.

    He fired Linda Keen, the head of the Nuclear Safety Commission, for blowing the whistle on the repairs needed at Chalk River to ensure the reactor’s safety.

    He starved Kevin Page, the Parliamentary Budget Officer, of the necessary resources to do his job because he was critical of the poor management of our public finances under this Conservative government.

    He let go the heads of both the RCMP’s Public Complaints Commission and the Military Police Complaints Commission. Both were competent individuals, doing their job with distinction. But both had a serious flaw in Stephen Harper’s eye: they were critical of the government.

    He cut off public funding for the ecumenical charitable group KAIROS, despite their lauded work and broad public support, because, according to one of his ministers, they held dissenting views from the government on foreign policy.”

  • Frunger

    “a group like this that can get 26000 outraged Canadians to sign up in less then a week shows it’s more then just Liberal/NDP party members and activist bloggers joining”

    You’re right. It’s probably also got a pile of 15 year olds, with a spattering of Americans and other non-Canadian voters.

    • Michelle

      @Frunger, Funny, the Canadians against prorogation is currently boasting 164,740 members and the Canadian For prorogation is sitting at a measly 330.

  • Brent Fullard

    The Globe has proven time and time again that it is incapable of doing the math or uncovering/reporting the truth. The Globe and Mail constantly repeated and droned on about Harper’s tax leakage lie as Harper’s justification for his income trust tax, and yet the whole concept was totally bogus and Harper’s only proof (along with the Globe’s) was 18 pages of blacked out documents. Some proof?

    I think of the Globe and Mail as the Glib and Malicious.

    MEANWHILE 28,000+ Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament represents over 10 times the membership of Harper’s old Canadian Citizens Coalition thingy nether-organization. If Harper thought that gave him a voice and a platform, how can he dismiss this group?

    Oh, I forgot he is Stephen Harper and we are not. More hypocrisy-in-the-making from the Harpercrite himself. Jerk.

  • Dana

    The Grope and Fail has fact checkers?

    Who knew?

  • And do not forget those, such as myself, who have until now resisted joining facebook.

    Must say that the temptation is there, if only to add myself to the growing number.

    Interesting, isn’t it, that comments have been disabled on Cook’s post.

  • MississaugaPeter

    At 28,000 now.

    Seems started by a T.A. at my alma mater – University of Alberta. Located in Edmonton-Strathcona, the only riding in Alberta without a Conservative M.P.

    Ignatieff should add the U. of A. to his cross-country, post-secondary trip. It is also the home of former justice minister Anne McLellan.

  • Now Scott, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to no-terribly prominent media bloggers… 😉

  • MississaugaPeter

    You are NOT wrong.

    Cook needs to go back to grade 4/5 and learn percentages/decimals again.

    I wonder how long it will take the G&M fact checkers to realize this.

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