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Our blogging friend OttawaSteph needs some advice

Taking a break from this prorogue stuff, there’s been some new developments in the case of our blogging friend OttawaSteph, who’s gotten some help from her local MP in talking to the landlord, but she now faces a decision on whether to legally fight to stay at this current rental (apparently, they’ve still decided to kick her out, regardless of the money she raised that pays off the December amount + arrears) or to take the MP’s office up on an offer to find a cheaper place, with the landlord agreeing to give her some time to locate that.

Head on over and give her some thoughts, if you have any, on what you’d do if you were in her shoes. (Personally, I’ve already told her that if she can keep some of the money she’s raised, I’d be taking up the MP’s office offer and find another place to live. Its only temporary until she gets a new job, and she can then choose a new place to rent, if that’s what she wants to do).


3 comments to Our blogging friend OttawaSteph needs some advice

  • Big Winnie

    There is nothing wrong with asking for advice, opinions. It’s quite conceivable that a decision has been made but wants others to provide positive reinforcement of said decision.

  • Leigh

    Dear slg

    Asking for advice is never ridiculous, especially when you have to do so during great stress. Have a heart!

  • slg

    Old enough to decide for herself. This is getting ridiculous.

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