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Do the Conservatives have ADHD (Afghanistan Deficit Hyperactivity-Disorder)?

This is a very curious story over at Macleans on the sequence of events so far. Twenty eight countries have appointed officials to work with Richard Holbrooke on Afghanstan - the U.S. Special Represetative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, who was personally picked by President Obama, and who reports directly to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Six months ago, Holbrooke personally requested the Canadian government for a representative from our country, and we still haven’t done anything, and apparently aren’t anywhere close to picking someone:

When Barack Obama appointed him at the beginning of 2009.. several countries immediately named Afghanistan-Pakistan envoys who would serve as direct interlocutors for Holbrooke. The Brits, the Germans, the French, the Japanese. The official opposition started asking, in the Commons, when the Harper government would do the same. At first, of course, the government dismissed the notion. But by early autumn, at Holbrooke’s personal request, they were reconsidering… Holbrooke has had his job for a year and has been waiting for a Canadian interlocutor, specifically, for half of that time. More than two dozen other countries have given him somebody to talk with. Obviously Canadian Forces and Canadian civilian public servants can continue to work in Kandahar without fulfilling Holbrooke’s request. But this astonishing delay in the face of a personal request from a trusted ally is baffling.

Maybe the Harper government just doesn’t want to work with President Obama and his envoy Richard Holbrooke on the Afghanistan issue?  On the other hand, considering how they completely overlooked the torture problem (and I’m possibly being charitable here describing it as “overlooking the problem”) with Afghani officials and transferring over prisoners, perhaps they really do have ADHD.

UPDATE: On a related note, here’s a nice op-ed here on Harper trying to bury his head in the sand on detainees and taking his claim apart that any torture that may have happened in Afghanistan is an Afghan problem, not Canada’s. As the writer says, international law and more specifically the Geneva Conventions disagree with Harper. So will the International Criminal Court, if someone were to try to use that claim as a defence.


2 comments to Do the Conservatives have ADHD (Afghanistan Deficit Hyperactivity-Disorder)?

  • Dana

    Not only are they fuckwits but they are already on the record, during the Democratic party’s nomination process, as being anti-Obama. This is some of how that plays out over time in real politik. Harper not being invited to the meeting in Copenhagen is some more. A new US ambassador is another in all likelihood since the origin of the anti Obama rumour during the campaign was the embassy.

  • Bill

    Nothing curious…the cons r f-wits, that’s all.

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