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Coming out of the woodwork..

Terrorist incidents or attempted ones these days are sure to bring out the the radical extremist right-wing of the conservative blogging community in Canada, and the attempted bombing of a passenger jet just outside of Detroit (which would have brought the jet down in Canadian territory if it had been successful) has done that, as our friends at Stageleft have shown.

One of the usual suspects has even put forth a solution: do not allow Muslims to emigrate to Canada (as apparently all Muslims are potential terrorists), and start deporting Muslims. Am I surprised to see this? Nope: smearing entire groups with the same tarred brush is an all too unfortunate occurrence over in that section of the blogosphere.

Do I ever see this scenario as described above unfolding? I have difficulties believing even this current incarnation of Conservatives in power would go to that extreme of trying the first part (banning anyone who is a Muslim from emigrating here), and as for the 2nd part, if it involves deporting all Canadian citizens of Muslim faith (which Stageleft is assuming),  it runs into the huge problem of being in violation of Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights, which is summarized as “Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in, and leave Canada”.  There is even  more of a downer for our ultra-rightwing extremists who dream of doing this; Section 6 is not subject to the “notwithstanding clause” that can be used by provincial legislatures and the federal Parliament to temporarily override certain sections of the Charter.

The only way to get around that is to amend the Constitution to allow something as extreme as mass deportations of Canadian citizens. I wish our right-wing blogging comrades the best of luck getting a federal government – even a right-wing Conservative government such as this one – to go along with the deporting part of this  plan, and to get 7 out of 10 provinces with 75% of the population to agree to amend the Charter to allow the feds to do that.

I suspect this is more just putting down on a blog what an extreme right ultimate fantasy would be, rather then any of these folks expecting that it would actually come to fruition.


4 comments to Coming out of the woodwork..

  • A

    The security DID NOT work – the bomd failed to ignite

  • I guess we should also ban all Irish, Scots, Sikhs, Georgians, Armenians, people from some parts of Mexico, MOST of South America, the Philippines, China (there are lots of terrorists there), Tibet, the Koreas, Russia, Quebec (could be FLQ, don’t ya know) to the West, Hindus, Israelis (could be JDL members), anyone from the Middle East, Greeks, Slavs (lots of terror incidents in the Balkans), Portuguese (could be Basque Seperatists), etc., etc., etc. Let’s just BAN any non-white, non-WASP, non-English speaking people…What a load of shit.

    If we were to ban – or closely scrutinize any persons from any areas which may contain groups who have – at some point in history – conducted acts which may have been considered “terror”, or “terrorist”, then we wouldn’t have a nation. UK Pilgrims to the US were considered terrorists when they were forced to emigrate. All Americans were considered terrorists during the Revolution. Any Europeans who were brave enough to stand up to Hitler’s tyrrany in occupied Europe were branded terrorists by that brutal regime. Many of the peoples (most) who we took on as immigrants from other lands were branded “rebels”, “terrorists”, etc., in their home lands. Many of them often left to escape the tyrrany of their homelands…

    99.99999% of these people come over here, and are MORE successful than our domestic populations. They work hard, and contribute to society.

    When the moronic clowns and mental midgets who become talking heads for the extreme right on this continent begin to understand that a “tough” reaction is EXACTLY what the terrorists want, they may have an “epiphany”. Until then, we’ll hear them spew their fear and xenophobia, masked as “concern” about our security.

    And Mike’s point is exactly right – the security worked, as it should have.

  • I don’t know what they are whining about – the security worked. The bomb did not go off and the passengers subdued the suspect. Apart from securing the cabin door, nothing else has made air travel safer since 9-11. Not taking your shoes off, not no-fly lists or armed guards at the airport.

    As for Shaidle, well, that vicious racist needs little excuse to call for the expulsion of Muslims. She is nothing more than a neo-nazi slime.

    Thank nothing she and ole Arnie aren’t pro-creating. That’s the one thing that give me hope here vile ideology will die with her someday.

  • Bill

    How about banning air travel. Let’s get to work on that Star Trek transporter technology.

    How about a new “Crusades” where we show our compassion and tolerance again.

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