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Consider buying a potted Christmas tree that can be planted after the holiday season

If you haven’t bought your Christmas tree by now, you might be out of luck this year.  However, this might come in handy for you next year.

There’s often a debate about whether to buy a real one or an artificial one for inside the house. I have a different suggestion for you; next year consider going down to your local tree farm or gardening centre and buying a real tree that’s in its pot still, which can be planted by you in your yard (or somewhere else) after the holiday season.

As an example, my family this year put the artificial tree up inside, but went down to one of the local gardening centres and bought a 4 foot balsam fir for about 60$ – still in its pot and still with its roots intact in soil – to put on the deck outside to decorate with lights. At the end of the holiday season – or perhaps at the beginning of spring if it gets too cold/hard to dig – my parents intend to transplant it into their yard and allow it to grow to full maturity. The best time of the year to transplant trees is in the periods where they are dormant; they face less chance of shocking their system and dying off or stunting their growth.

I find it much more satisfactory then chopping down a tree and then tossing it away for mulch; this way, you get the holiday enjoyment out of it and then get more satisfaction seeing it grow in your yard or in your local park or wherever you choose to plant it – not to mention it’s more environmentally friendly.

Something for you to consider doing for next year’s Christmas season.


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  • LMA

    Merry Christmas! This is a wonderful idea. One suggestion – if it’s too cold to transplant, predig a hole or find a depression in your yard where you can place the potted tree for the winter, and cover the roots with mulch, leaves, loose dirt to protect against freezing. Give the tree water up until freezing.

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