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Its Christmas – please help OttawaSteph (& her cats) out if you can.

I’ve seen this story of this unemployed civil servant (who goes by the moniker of OttawaSteph at her blog) who has had a run of bad luck and who faces eviction in less then 2 weeks if she can’t come up with the money to pay her landlord. Briefly, she’s been looking hard for work, but nothing so far – EI has only covered the basic necessities, not the rent. She’ll not only be thrown out of her home; but she’ll lose her pet cats – her family more or less – in the process.

In desperation, she’s asked the internet/blogosphere for help in coming up with the money, and people have responded.

She still needs a bit more however, and as it’s coming down to crunch time, I feel for her situation; I know exactly how she feels. I’ve given her a bit of money myself tonight, but nowhere as much as I wish I could.

So, since I’m fairly well known and well read online in the political and social blogging world, I thought I’d try to give her and her story a little more publicity then it already has in the hopes it might reach more people and put her over the top. It’s not much, but hopefully it will help.

It’s the season of giving and generosity; please help her if you can. (Details at her main page at the left side of her blog on donating to her through Paypal).

Good luck, and Merry Christmas, OttawaSteph, and I hope the New Year is better for you and indeed a Happy one.


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  • LMA

    I hope everyone will give what they can, every little bit helps. Most of her kitties are older, and would likely never find another home. Maybe someone should tell her landlord it’s Christmas!

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