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A holiday treat/test of WordPress 2.9’s easier to embed video feature.

I decided I’d try out whether the new release of WordPress 2.9 & its embedding movies/video is indeed easier to do then prior versions, while at the same time giving you folks a holiday treat: a version of “A Christmas Carol” not often seen these days on the television.

This is the 1935 British release, which as it so happens, was the first time “A Christmas Carol” was made in the “post-silent” film era. There are some moments where the script seems a bit corny – the actors seem to be trying too hard to be as literal as possible to Dicken’s original novel, but it’s still a fine version. Although Alastair Sim as Scrooge in the 1951 version is still the king of the hill in my books,  this version has quickly become one of my favorite movie versions of the Dickens novel:

..and that was indeed simpler to embed! Well done, WordPress.


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