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Well, Harper’s being consistent here anyhow

Harper decided not to bother speaking at the Copenhagen Environmental Summit; he decided to send Environment Minister Jim Prentice instead to make Canada’s speech:

Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – and Jim Prentice? While other world leaders have taken to the podium this week to address delegates at the Copenhagen climate talks, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is sending his environment minister in his place.

Harper has other plans – he will join other leaders at a dinner hosted by the Queen of Denmark

Nice to see Harper is trying to groom Jim Prentice to the world stage.

One thing you can say though – Harper is at least being consistent here. He felt it was better spending time at a Tim Horton’s facility then travel to the UN in Washington to make a climate speech there; and in Denmark (which he only hastily decided to attend because President Obama announced he would be going), he’s decided eating at a dinner with the Queen of Denmark is much better then getting up in front of a potentially hostile crowd and making a speech on Canada’s much criticized environmental position on reducing greenhouse gases (or not reducing, as the Conservatives seem to be mulling on, in order to give their oil-baron friends in Alberta a break).

I’m curious if the Queen served Tim Horton’s doughnuts at the dinner.


5 comments to Well, Harper’s being consistent here anyhow

  • Roll Tide

    Given that even Tony Blair has now admitted that science “is not as certain as proponents allege” its time to be done with this corrupt gathering.

  • Frank

    In my opinion the “Copenhagen climate talks” are a farce. I have issues with the the fact that he went there, period.

  • wilson

    As usual, the TorStar tells half the story:
    Seventy nine of the 136 leaders sent someone else in their place.
    That includes the United States and China.

  • Ya, damn that Alberta and their dirty oil. All that damn dirty money flowing like water to Eastern Canada. They should just shut the whole thing down, I’m sure it wouldn’t have any adverse effects on the rest of Canada. What does Ontario need with 11 Billion dollars every year?

    And besides , we have all of that clean energy coming out of Ontario.

    Go Coal or go home!!

  • ridenrain

    What’s more to say after Mugabe and Chavez have already spoken.

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