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My vote for Canadian Newsmaker of the year (and other related items)

If I had a vote for that (and yes, why don’t we also make it for Canadian Of The Year as suggested here), it would be without a doubt cast for Canadian diplomat/intelligence officer Richard Colvin. His brave decision to testify (in the face of Conservative government threats to the public service not to cooperate with the House of Commons Afghanistan Committee Commission or the Military Police Commission) helped to expose the cover-ups and political gaming of the Afghan detainees issue, and the Conservative government’s apparent disinterest (or worse) in making sure detainees who were turned over to the Afghanistan Secret Service weren’t tortured, as demanded by the Geneva Conventions.

Whether we find out the full extent of what the Conservatives are hiding is yet to be determined, but without Colvin testifying, we’d have never have known the extent of it as it stands now.

UPDATE: On a related note, a nice little rundown from Kady on the amount of times the Conservatives have used tactics to halt or try to halt Committees in their tracks that were going to pass motions against the government’s aims or trying to properly investigate something that the Conservatives didn’t want investigating. The boycott of the Afghanistan Committee is just the latest escalation of this.

UPDATE 2: Good point by the Globe & Mail editorial this AM, titled “Foot-Dragging and Fudging”:

It is an odd strategy that Conservative MPs have chosen in boycotting, and thereby shutting down, a House committee examining the alleged torture of Afghan detainees. That strategy only reinforces the impression that the government is trying to obstruct efforts to get at the truth.

UPDATE 3: The Star editorial is just as blunt:

…the government is resisting a Commons resolution ordering it to produce documents that detail who knew what, and when. It has hampered a military police probe. And it has shut down a bid by a Commons committee to hold hearings on the subject during the holidays. This is contempt for Parliament and the public. Harper had no business telling Canadians, wrongly, that all was well. He was wrong to try to discredit Colvin. His claim that those who question his policy are casting Canada’s troops as “war criminals” is beneath contempt. And he is wrong to hobble every effort to set the record straight. He should stop stonewalling, release all relevant documents, and let the Commons committee and the military police dig for the truth.

Of course, it’s a good bet that Harper doesn’t want the truth revealed or dug up, for he knows what it will do to his government.


9 comments to My vote for Canadian Newsmaker of the year (and other related items)

  • EFL

    Excellent post, one quibble: you mean “uninterest” where you say “disinterest”. Disinterest(ed) is an important word denoting a particular frame of mind, distinct from altruism. I hate seeing it confused with uninterest(ed). Every time we confuse them, we kill the idea of disinterested behaviour a bit more, as there is no other word to describe it, exactly.

  • Sorry, Steve should read Scott in my comment above. My apologies to the Steve’s of this world. 🙂

  • My vote for most ‘unCanadian’ would go to you Steve at Progressive Bloggers and Liblogs’ Jason Cherniak for being the jackboot lapdogs of international Zionism, at the bequest of Warren Kinsella. The fact that people like you are in a position to effectively ‘censor’ those who put forward positions of peace, rather than war, while running so-called ‘democratic’ political blogs, sickens me to no end. We don’t need to look outside our walls for terrorists, they are here within our own borders, as exemplified by your and Jason’s recent actions against me for daring to publish the following post:

    You gutless wonders who push a Zionist agenda while using your positions as moderators on political blogging sites to suppress dissenting opinion is not only a diabolical action, but the hypocritical actions of traitors, as well. ‘Enjoy’ your award. You guys earned it.

    • @John Prince, Warren Kinsella had nothing to do with the decision made at Progressive Bloggers… and you’ve more or less just validated the vote of the moderators to recommend you not be included (which I accepted). Those would be folks from across the political spectrum, by the way.

    • Roll Tide

      @John Prince,

      John, your views are scary stuff. Having lived in Israel some years ago all I can say is I am glad Israel has a friend in Stephen Harper.
      It is a country under constant attack from Islamist hostility, constantly singled out as “racist” from a UN body made up of despot dictators. It is is a beacon of democracy surrounded by antagonistic autocrats wishing its ultimate destruction.
      John, I urge you to visit Israel, talk to the people everywhere weather in Rehovot, Haifa, Hebron, Jerusalem, weather they be Jewish, Druze, Muslim or Christian. (Most Israelis are non religious).

      You will enjoy yourself and your fear of “International Zionism?”
      will certainly be challenged.

  • Thanks for linking to my comment.

    Richard Colvin is an admirable public servant. No matter if one agrees with his findings on Afghanistan, he performs his job with due diligence.

  • Big Winnie

    Colvin would certainly be deserving of the award.

  • Colvin, hands down.

  • Roll Tide

    I would give it to Michael Ignatieff. He was brilliantly able to take the reins of the Liberal party without even a leadership race. After a bout of summer hide and seek, he ignored the advice of caucus and told Harper his time was up, only to find himself at the point where Dion departed.

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