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The Conservatives pull out their old playbook.

It appears they’ve decided rather then prorogue, they’re just going to follow one of the tactics that their infamous “Parliamentary playbook” from a couple of years ago suggested they do on disrupting committees potentially unfriendly to the government’s cause – and that is the Conservative MP’s have boycotted the Afghanistan committee, thus preventing it from having a minimum quorum of MP’s and being able to operate.

The opposition MP’s are actually doing pretty well in holding an “informal” meeting, as you can see from Kady’s liveblogging, but we see another example of the government’s attempts to stonewall any more testimony or information being brought to light over this affair – at least for this year. If this is not contempt of Parliament, or showing the government is engaging in a coverup, I don’t know what is.


7 comments to The Conservatives pull out their old playbook.

  • Montgomery

    This just shows how arrogant Harper really is! It’s obvious that he thinks he is far superior to any Canadian and believes he deserves to be in power and will stop at nothing to get it!

    I hope that the next election will bring us to another minority just to show how Canadians need new leaders and a new focus towards our democracy!!

  • Roll Tide

    Scott: maybe you should take over the Liberal parties web site.
    Ignatieff obviously cannot control the hard angry left.

  • Big Winnie

    THe CONs are neither lazy nor foxy. They are irresponsible, for not producing the unredacted docs to the committee.
    Instead of dealing with the issues, they prefer to delay proceedings, harrass witnesses and blame others.

    I also agree with Scott that this government is engaging in a coverup, otherwise, this issue would be before the public.

  • Bonnie N BC

    Yes and Laurie Hawn has been out front on this issue ’cause they, the opposition are in Ottawa is not a reason for Conservatives to be present..

    Kind of a weird answer but the run away strategy is based on polling with the ever populous voter who does not want their MP to have one meeting outside of Parliament rising.

    Really? So the Conservative Party is lazy? Or foxy?

    You tell me.

  • When are people going to realize that this government will do anything (and that means anything, including using the war measures act) to keep and maintain their power. But up to now they are doing a friendly kind of fascism; if you don’t like what parliament is doing, simply ignore it. And that is precisely what they will do. They don’t have to prorogue, just ignore the opposition completely.

  • Greg

    The two things aren’t mutually exclusive. They are stalling until a couple of bills get royal assent and then I really do believe they are going to pull the plug. If anything, this just makes it more obvious. They will not stand for any questioning of the government and they just don’t care how bad it looks.

  • Big Winnie

    While it’s not surprising they wouldn’t show up, it is hypocritical, or should I say Harpercritical, that someone like Hawn goes on Power Play to “talk” about the issue! What’s wrong with this picture?

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