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Sheer amount of government bills not passed may dissuade Harper from proroguing.

So says David Akin at his Twitter page:

Will @pmharper prorogue? Possible but unlikely #CPC sources say. One reason: Since Jan 26, 70 govt bills introduced; just 30 have passed.

Keep an eye for more details on this new angle of the possible prorogue story at his Twitter page, at David’s blog, or at Canwest.

(As an aside, it must also be evident to Harper and his strategists that the optics of his willingness to throw away/let die 40 government bills so he can shut down an Afghanistan Committee investigating what was going on over detainees/prevent a Speaker’s Warrant from being issued would not be good. It would increase even more suspicion then there already is that this government is hiding a lot of stuff on this file that could be very radioactive to them if revealed.)


6 comments to Sheer amount of government bills not passed may dissuade Harper from proroguing.

  • foottothefire

    Oh, SHE won’t; Harper may indeed try it because he honestly believes the entire country is stupid but she? SHE, will not let it fly.

  • Mark H

    Given that this is a government which has been shown to introduce legislation just for the sake of saying they introduced it, I don’t find this argument convincing. This is the same government that killed their own crime legislation, which is supposedly how they keep the Timmies vote, and then blamed it on those pesky Liberal senators.

    Since the GG granted Harper prorogue when the government was about to face a confidence vote, I don’t see how she can turn him down now.

    Regarding the optics, keep in mind that Harper has a very strong belief in his own abilities. He did, after all, convince a large number of Canadians, about this time last year, that they had voted for him directly, a couple of months before, on ballots that clearly did not have his name on them. Within the next few days, you can count on an uptick in advertising from the Cons, talking about the dire threat to national security from the opposition’s FOI requests. This will be the excuse to prorogue.

  • MoS

    If the GG, would-be Canadian Head of State, is so spineless and so contemptuous of parliamentary democracy to do that again, it is time to become a republic.

  • Gayle

    I guess we will know how bad the documents are for Harper if he does prorogue.

  • I don’t know where these rumors began concerning a possible prorogation but I can’t imagine that Harper would try it. The optics would be more than just bad, they would be catastrophic. Even if the GG granted the prorogation the public fallout would be huge. Most of all I just think the media which has been surprisingly friendly to Harper thus far would turn on him. I don’t think Harper is worried about a speaker’s warrant because it just won’t happen. No one has the courage to follow through on this type of thing. And Ignatieff is just too close to the Conservatives politically to push them on almost any issue.

  • S

    Could you tell me, in this hypothetical situation, if Mr Harper did ask the GG to prorogue, is there any reason why she should / would say yes again this time? I mean couldn’t she just say no? What factors might she consider this time if the situation arose?

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