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Another December, another Harper prorogue?

There is strong speculation that the Conservative government will do a repeat performance of last December and “prorogue” Parliament in the next couple of days – that is, ask the Governor-General to shut down Parliament – so he can shut down the chances of being served with a Speaker’s Warrant to produce the unredacted documents on Afghan detainees, and prevent the Afghanistan House of Commons Committee calling any more witnesses until after the Olympics:

Rumours swirling around Ottawa suggest the Conservative government is thinking of shutting down Parliament until after the Olympics, killing some of its own bills but also ending the discussion of Afghan detainees that is nibbling away at Tory popularity…opposition members of the Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan have asked to hold special meetings before the session resumes. Among other high-profile witnesses, they want Defence Minister Peter MacKay and his predecessor, Gordon O’Connor, to return for more interrogation about what they knew of the torture allegations. The committee could not sit during prorogation.

Consider this: all of these bills the Conservatives have been haranguing on the opposition parties to pass as well as the Senate to pass which have not received Royal Assent would all die and have to be reintroduced. That includes the Employment Insurance Program they passed in the House (the one that the NDP voted for to keep the government afloat), and which is currently before the Senate, as well as all their crime legislation that they have accused the opposition parties of holding up and being vitally important.

It’s not so vitally important enough apparently, if they’re considering dropping all of those “important” bills for 10 weeks, so they can try to take the Afghanistan detainees issue heat off of them. It would not surprise me in the least if Harper pulls this stunt – he wishes to hold off a Speaker’s Warrant ordering them to hand over documents, and/or any more embarrassing publicity from the Afghanistan Committee for as long as possible.


5 comments to Another December, another Harper prorogue?

  • TY

    Someone should shove an Exxon plum pudding up his you know what illuminated by the tar sands oil!

  • A new Canadian Christmas tradition in the making.

  • Some people WILL be in the streets if Harper tries proroguing. Right now, it’s a rumour — quite likely a purposely leaked trial balloon. The outrage and pushback is palpable. It will erupt if Harper ignores the public will. Winter and distance and expenses be damned! See you on the barricades.

  • Seriously? Progue Parliament again? The opposition better get their act together. Ian’s right, the people of Canada should be out in the streets protesting this, but if the opposition leaders can’t even get angry and do something why the heck should the people? Would someone please light a fire under Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe?

  • Ian

    I don’t understand why people aren’t angry in the streets over shit like this. Canada is quickly becoming a banana republic. The GG doesn’t even have just cause to disagree with him this time, especially after last year’s precedent.

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