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And here’s a possible indication why the Conservatives want the detainee story to go away…

..and why I mentioned in the prior blogpost of mine that the pressure needs to be kept on them on the Afghan detainees story. The first poll taken after the Afghan detainee flap and the revelations by Colvin and then the sudden reversal by General Natynczyk that yes, there was evidence that Afghan detainees had been tortured shows public opinion starting to turn against the Cons:

Conservative Lead Narrows as Liberals Bounce Back

The governing Conservative Party is still leading in Canada, but the Liberal Party has gained support, according to the Canadian Political Pulse, conducted by Angus Reid Public Opinion in partnership with the Toronto Star…Across the country, 36 per cent of decided voters (-2 since mid-November) would cast a ballot for the Conservative candidate in their riding if a new federal election took place today. The Liberals have clearly made gains and now stand at 29 per cent (+6), above the proportion of the vote that the party received in the October 2008 federal election. The New Democratic Party (NDP) is third with 16 per cent (-1), followed by the Bloc Québécois with 11 per cent (=), and the Green Party with six per cent (-4).

Perhaps people don’t like the fact the Conservative government is smearing diplomats and engaging in a coverup of what it knew was going on vis-a-vis Afghan detainees? Maybe Canadians don’t like the possiblity that the Conservatives might have been trying to pull a “See no Evil, Hear No Evil Speak No Evil” line about Afghan torture going on that diplomats and soldiers on the ground were trying to warn them about.

No other pressing issue has been around since mid-November – hence my conclusion that this is the main reason for the Cons slump and the Liberal resurgence.


2 comments to And here’s a possible indication why the Conservatives want the detainee story to go away…

  • Roll Tide

    Time for Ignatieff to tell Harper “your time is up”

  • foottothefire

    I agree with your conclusion but it strikes me that most people have also made note of Harperite conduct along the way and growing doubts may be turning to well earned disgust.

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