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Canadian Olympics athletes urge Harper to support climate change agreement

This is called knowing when to effectively use your time in the spotlight to highlight important issues, such as climate change:

Canada’s Winter Olympic athletes are calling on the prime minister to support an agreement on cutting greenhouse gases at the UN conference on climate change in Copenhagen. Former Olympic skier Thomas Grandi delivered a letter, signed by 20 athletes including Olympic gold medallists Jennifer Heil, Hayley Wickenheiser and Beckie Scott, to Stephen Harper’s constituency office in Calgary on Wednesday. The athletes want Harper to help in the reaching of an agreement on reducing emissions at the summit of international leaders.

Well played, but don’t be surprised if the Conservative government decides in a fit of pique over this embarrassing publicity after the Olympics are over to reduce athlete funding. That’s how this disgraceful bunch operates – with decisions based on spite, not on what’s right.


4 comments to Canadian Olympics athletes urge Harper to support climate change agreement

  • Roll Tide

    Well that seals the deal on my view of Copenhagen, did you ask their views on the HST? I need their help to decide on that issue as well.

    Maybe they read the e-mails the way Algore read them.
    I heard him say again, unchallenged, on CNN that the emails were 10 years old.
    This Aussie article takes note.

  • Actually I’d fully support the canceling of internation and professional sports and circuses that distract the masses from reality. People need to get their heads out of the asses, stop watching spectacles and pay atttention.

    The elitist banter of people who travel for a living but want carbon emissions cut is annoying. I don’t travel further than an hour from home, if they cared about the environment they’d stay home and be content taking part in local sports. It’s no better than the west saying we can’t cut back, we need all this shit!

  • billg

    I cant stop myself. Hey Hayley…I know a way to reduce C02 emissions by about a billion tons….cancel the Olympics, you guys can play Olympic Hockey on a Wii board through a conference call. Thought so. Hey everyone….I’m busy doing my stuff so could YOU cut back a little on the fossil fuel burning thing…thanks.

  • billg

    So…Canadian athletes that fly in jets all over the world to compete, and, want other athletes to fly to Canada from far away places in jets to compete against them have all signed a piece of paper asking our Government to start reducing C02 emissions? Do they know what goes into the big fly thingy’s that make them go up up up?? I know you got a big hate on for the Cons, but, come on…even you gotta see the unbelievable irony in that little nugget of a story.

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