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Dear Peter MacKay: Resign

Your credibility is completely gone:

Canada’s top military commander made a stunning turnaround Wednesday, contradicting testimony he made one day earlier about an Afghan detainee who was abused by Afghan police. The move is akin to a political thundercloud breaking over the Conservative party. During a hastily-called news conference, Gen. Walter Natynczyk said he received new information Wednesday about an incident in June 2006 when an Afghan detainee was transferred to Afghan police, then beaten. One day earlier he testified that the man had only been questioned by Canadian troops, not detained. The change in stance contradicts the Conservative government’s position that there is no evidence Canadian-captured detainees were being abused prior to a new transfer agreement in 2007.

Dear Prime Minister Harper; call a public inquiry, your government’s credibility is completely gone on this issue, if there was any left after Colvin’s testimony.

[email protected] 1:54 pm: Jim is skeptical that this information was suddenly discovered by accident:

I don’t believe for a moment that “suddenly new information” arrived. Suddenly, they realized, this story wasn’t going away with constant denials. Peter MacKay must resign.


3 comments to Dear Peter MacKay: Resign

  • Frank

    I think Ignatieff and the Liberal party should put all their energy and resources into bringing the government down over this issue, and should make it the central issue of the ensuing election.

  • Hear, hear! Peter MacKay’s resignation followed by a public inquiry, followed by Harper’s resignation in short order. Throw the bums out, they do us more harm than good!

  • I think that the opposition parties (and the public) are unanimous here. Mr. Harper: where’s the inquiry? Mr. MacKay: where’s the resignation?

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