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I wonder what Blatchford thinks of her own paper’s editorial today.

This is a very blunt and brutal editorial by the Globe and Mail slamming the Conservatives today, titled, “The Record and the Falsehoods” – an excerpt of it here:

The record speaks for itself on what the Canadian government knows, or should have known, about the torture of Afghan detainees. It speaks far louder than the falsehoods from the government that have by now become routine. At every breach of the walls of secrecy that the diplomat Richard Colvin has alleged existed within government and the military, the government fires off untruths (the above list is by no means complete). But they are laughably weak armaments against the truth. As each one is knocked aside, the government’s insistence it knew nothing about the torture of detainees becomes more and more tenuous.

Interestingly, still no newspaper – not even the Star – has yet called for Peter MacKay’s resignation, despite saying that the government has issued a long list of falsehoods, with him being the point-man. This editorial is as close as one has come yet. I’m not sure what tipping point needs to be reached for them or the opposition parties to start demanding this, but it can’t be far off. A couple more implicating document leaks perhaps (As stated yesterday, I think we’ve already reached that point – the opposition parties should be demanding he resign for misleading the House and the country).

UPDATE @ 12:43 pm: The NDP are the first opposition party to call for MacKay’s resignation.


10 comments to I wonder what Blatchford thinks of her own paper’s editorial today.

  • Yeah, sh*t happens. That’s one of the top rebuttals for this gang of war criminals and their boosters. Here are a few more excuses:

    * Nobody Cares
    * Even if people do care, Martin Started it
    * If you criticize a Conservative cabinet minister you are attacking “the troops”
    * Adscam, Adscam, Adscam
    * They are terrorist scumbags and deserve torture
    * The 23 former ambassadors who are criticizing were Liberal appointees
    * Even if they aren’t terrorists they live in the same neighbourhood as terrorists and how are CF personnel supposed to know the difference?
    * The first casualty of war is truth. SOP.

  • Bull Caller

    Lewis M. weighing in on anything to do with human rights in the theatre of conflict is utterly laughable.

    More on Lewis Mackenzie from Wikipedia:

    MacKenzie’s views on the Srebrenica massacre are seen as controversial by some. He has written:

    ….Evidence given at The Hague war crimes tribunal casts serious doubt on the figure of “up to” 8,000 Bosnian Muslims massacred. That figure includes “up to” 5,000 who have been classified as missing. More than 2,000 bodies have been recovered in and around Srebrenica, and they include victims of the three years of intense fighting in the area. The math just doesn’t support the scale of 8,000 killed…

    He also disputes the categorization of the massacre as genocide by saying:

    …It’s a distasteful point, but it has to be said that, if you’re committing genocide, you don’t let the women go since they are key to perpetuating the very group you are trying to eliminate…

    What a charmer – this, folks is typical of your Conservative candidates everywhere in this country.

  • Who cares what Blatchford thinks? She’s a tool.

    Lew MacKenzie on QR77 radio this morning said he pretty much couldn’t care less about some Afghan man who was beaten up in 2006. Shit happens. It’s a war. Now there’s a helpful and telling attitude.

    He also criticized the time wasted on the coverup – without outright saying though that the Cons need to fess up and get on with it. He wouldn’t go that far.

  • Bull Caller

    The conservatives will undoubtedly attempt to paint the situation as being disorganized in the early days, and that this chaos was brought on by the “previous government” (straight from the con playbook – step 2, after outright denial doesn’t work). Failing that, they move to playbook step 3, which is throw some civil servants or junior ministers or minister’s assistants under the bus, or pin it on people who have already left or been reassigned….this is likely their strategy now behind closed doors, basically asking “how far can we disassociate these problems from the minister(s) and others involved?” – carefully trying to make sure that whatever scenario they come up with is both plausable (see: Tom Flanagan), and can be picked up by sympathetic sources to create a cloud of confusion around responsibility (canwest, ctv, bloggers like janke et al)…. again prolonging and diffusing the situation.

    The key here, is not only to demand MacKay step down, but to continue to press for a full inquiry as well as demand that the Prime Minister himself answer questions on this issue directly. Seeing as how lately he’s been circling the country by air like a sattelite, and suddenly an enviro warrior I’m sure he’ll be taking his time getting back to 24 sussex in hopes this all blows over somehow. When you see the responses in the house, I can just hear Harper in caucus saying “don’t do anything till I get back, and no kids are allowed over!”….

  • MoS

    Isn’t lying and rank denial de rigeur for this government? Harper sets the tone for his cabinet and he’s as duplicitous as they come. Sometimes I wonder if MacKay can even open his mouth without Harper’s hand up his ass to move his lips.

  • If Peter MacKay mislead the country, it was at the behest of Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime muzzler. So if he is called to resign, even louder should be the calls for Harper’s resignation.

  • S

    I hope Mackay stays, and continues to lie and obfuscate on behalf of his boss so that it becomes clear that the entire government must go, that there’s no way to hang this on one person.

    • @S, I’m betting this will end up with the Con’s blaming “a few bad apples” in the forces. Support the troops? More like scapegoat the troops.

      MacKay.Harper, Hillier and the rest of the muckety-mucks have no choice but to continue the denials. To do otherwise (i.e. tell the truth) would be to admit to war crimes.

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