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It’s time to start asking for Peter MacKay’s resignation.

I’m surprised, quite frankly, that the opposition parties haven’t already started demanding MacKay resign prior to the Globe’s latest revelations that proof does exist about detainee abuse, as accounted by Canadian soldiers/officials. All of MacKay’s claims in Parliament on this issue have so far been rebutted, and there are serious grounds for charging he hasn’t told Parliament what he and the government really knew or knows about this issue of Afghan detainees and whether there were grounds to suspect they would be tortured once turned over.

There are other Ministers all the way up to the Prime Minister that this could be said of, but MacKay has been the lead point-man/speaker on this issue in Question Period in Parliament. It’s also his Department. He must take responsibility for this and resign.

Again, a full independent judicial inquiry is needed on this issue.


11 comments to It’s time to start asking for Peter MacKay’s resignation.

  • If the Wall Street journal is correct there may already be an international investigation into war crimes against Canada. Apparently Hillier and O’Connor are named but others could be added. MacKay almost definitely, but Harper a possibility, since memos went to the PMO and we know that Harper controls everything.

  • Frank

    “It’s time to start asking for Peter MacKay’s resignation.”

    That’s funny!

  • Dana

    There will be no Canadian initiated inquiry and there will be no resignations.

    Get used to it.

    The last time a federal government in Canada initiated an inquiry into its own actions, what happened?

    You think Harper didn’t absorb that lesson? You think any government ever again is going to call an inquiry into its own actions?

    The other reason there won’t be one is that no western government is going to own up to anything relevant to the torture of anyone at all anywhere. Maybe here and there a few “bad apples” will be singled out, but that’ll be the extent of it.

    Admitting, or for that matter even hinting, that there were government or high command instructions involved would be tantamount to admitting that the moral high horse we always like to ride in on is made of straw and is already on fire.

    You think there’s a western government with the moral courage to admit that?

    I got a bridge made of icing sugar you might like.

    • Ottlib

      And yet the torture and murder of that young lad in Somalia was thoroughly investigated and those responsible were sent to prison.

      Indeed, I believe that the soldier at the centre of that event is still enjoying the hospitality of the military prison in Edmonton.

      That whole affair caused great embarrassment to the Chretien government but they still did the right thing.

      The Harperites have no excuses and it is scandalous that an international court may be needed to get to the bottom of this whole sorry business.

      Where the Hell do we live anyway? Zimbabwe?

  • Big Winnie

    The military has performed very well in Afghanistan and they should/are applauded for their efforts! However, since the government (read PMO) created the policy and the military has to follow orders, the government, namely Harper, MacKay and others bear the responsibility for the failure of the government to protect Afghan civilians and others from torture.

    I, too, welcome an inquiry and if the government doesn’t have one, then let the ICC have one and let the cards fall where they may.

  • Roll Tide

    Art Eggleton resigned as well.

    You never have and never will have a war where the bad guys don’t get roughed up a bit.

    Speaking of abuse, I even recall a former Prime Minister choking a protester in Hull Quebec. Not a RCMP, or a member of the Canadian Security force, the PRIME MINISTER HIMSELF!

    and he wasn’t even a member of the Taliban.

  • Bull Caller

    Hell David Orchard knew that almost 6 years ago. The guy, and his daddy “Elmer” are both crooks and liars. Not to worry, since Harper was unable to throw the diplomat under the bus, MacKay is the next to get the shove in order keep it from sticking to the big cheese.

    With MacKay sacked, Harper will attempt to say he’s dealt with it and its a non-issue…and attempt to bury it (we hope unsucessfully, if the MSM doesn’t go back to sleep).

    • @Bull Caller, O’Connor was forced to resign his cabinet position due to the detainee issue. The old goat’s still sitting as a Con MP. Bernier? Still a Con MP. Even when they are caught, there’s nothing but a wrist-slapping from this oh-so-accountable gummint.

  • Time to start?

    A Google search for MacKay Lied returns my own blog at #1 position for a detainee-related post I wrote almost 2 years ago. MacKay Knew of Abuse, Lied to Parliament.

    This isn’t the first (or second) time MacKay has been found to be lying to Parliament and to Canadians. He MUST resign. If he won’t, he must be fired. There’s probably only one reason Harper doesn’t fire MacKay: blowback.

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