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Uncomfortably close to the truth.

This Chinese vendor’s remarks about Steve aren’t that far off the mark at times:

The Harpers’ destination was a hole-in-the-wall shop called the Song Lin Tea Garden, where shop assistants Yu Lijuan and Wei Amin were waiting to welcome them. They said they knew “Canada’s Chairman,” was coming: local Canadian officials had alerted them in advance…

With Harper’s muzzling of his caucus and attempted manipulation of certain media events, he comes uncomfortably close to acting like the Canadian equivalent of a Chinese chairman. Another observation of mine; Harper prefers controlled public events here in Canada, so it’s no surprise he feels comfortable in a Chinese-staged event for him as well.


4 comments to Uncomfortably close to the truth.

  • It is fairly standard to give shopkeepers a heads up that a politician is glad-handing in the short future.

  • foottothefire

    Well that one should stick; “Chairman Steve”…it fits.

  • Big Winnie

    I’ve been saying Harper wants to run a police state and his disregard for the rules of law, Human Rights, parliamentary procedure and coupled with his control of the media proves that he wants to be the Chairman of Canada.

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