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This might invoke some more Conservative paranoia..

..with the civil service:

Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh and Bloc Quebecois MP Claude Bachand said they would like to see more leaks from bureaucrats unhappy with the way Afghans captured by the Canadian military were handled… “It’s an honourable thing to do when a government is not telling you the truth, if you can find an ethical way with integrity to actually expose the lies that the government tells every day in the House,” Dosanjh told reporters. Said Bachand: “People who have a conscience, and find this is not right, it’s time for them to say it’s not right.”

I also wouldn’t be surprised to hear John Baird or Peter MacKay stand up in the House and accuse the opposition of trying to promote a “traitorous 5th column” within government ranks. With this government’s prior smears at the opposition parties on supporting the Taliban over Canadian soldiers et al, it wouldn’t shock me.

That said, I hope some more whistle blowers come forth – either publicly in testimony or privately/anonymously through releasing documents the government is trying to keep under wraps – and do the right thing.

H/T Aaron Wherry.


13 comments to This might invoke some more Conservative paranoia..

  • Civil servants should know about Wikileaks, and when/how to use it.

  • Here‘s a little irony:

    Harper Promises Stronger Whistleblower Legislation

    Feb 1st, 2006

    In a press conference following release of the Gomery Report Part 2, Stephen Harper reiterated his promise to enact an Accountability Act, as set out during his election campaign.

    The Accountability Act promises to:

    * Give the Public Service Integrity Commissioner the power to enforce compliance with the Act.
    * Ensure that all Canadians who report government wrongdoing are protected, not just public servants.
    * Remove the government’s ability to exempt Crown corporations and other bodies from the Act.
    * Require the prompt public disclosure of information revealed by whistleblowers, except where national security or the security of individuals is affected.
    * Ensure that whistleblowers have access to the courts and that they are provided with adequate legal counsel.
    * Establish monetary rewards for whistleblowers who expose wrongdoing or save taxpayers dollars.

    These are sensible and necessary measures, and exactly the kind of action required to make it harder for wrongdoers to suppress the truth.

    Reminds me of Harper’s fixed election date law, for some reason or other.


  • Big Winnie

    I do hope, however, that some CON MPs continue to “leak” documents to dispel the lies that are being spread by the rest of their government.

  • Big Winnie

    Ah yes Wilson, try to distort what the Liberals have already said they would do which is support an inquiry dating back to 2001/2002 to include BOTH Liberal and Con governments. What part of that inquiry don’t you understand or does the weekly talking points not include an answer to that?

    • wilson

      Winnie, Canadians may have followed the issue originally,
      but it has really become a tangled web of emails that hint at this and that.
      No Canadian soldiers, Canadian diplomats nor Canadian governments were involved in the torturing of Afghans.
      No abu ghraib here.

      Besides, other than for the CBC and Libloggers,
      the Climategate story is where it is at.
      And it’s much easier and more interesting to follow.

      • Bull Caller


        Yeah there “wilson’, clearly its all a vast left wing conspiracy by the CBC, Libruls, and the cadbury easter bunny. Where do you get this stuff, seriously?

        And you (as usual) completely misinterpreted the crux of the issue, which is that we were informed, and therfore knew full well we were turning prisoners over to torture. Furthermore, the point is that Canadians want to know who gave the order to cover it up. Even heavily redacted and marked out, the evidence is pretty clear the conservatives chose to ignore the issue. Were they lying, or simply incompetent Wilson?

        (cue “yabbut the libruls”, “poll numbers”, “adscam”, etc. etc.)…..

        • Gayle

          @Bull Caller, Part of it is stuff she makes up, part is wishful thinking.

          I love that whole “now it is just a tangled web of emails” and “climategate is where its at” stuff.

          “Climategate” involves a whole lot of emails, most of which I would guess neither wilson nor any of her compadres on the right have read. But really what she is trying to do is change the channel. Let’s ignore the torture allegations because they are just too complicated for simple little brains. Let’s just move on to something we CPC fans are more comfortable with now, shall we?

          They have been trying to do this for weeks now, and it just does not seem to be working.

  • E A M

    I’m ill and housebound. What excuses have all these conservative supporting trolls?

  • wilson

    This is a re-hash of the the 2007 attempt to lay ‘alleged torture’ at the Harper govt feet.
    If there was anyone out that there with whistleblower info,
    you’d think they would have come out in the past 2 years
    That’s plenty of time for them to document their case in preparation for this, round 2.

    Alas, other than the media weaving a confusing web of e-mails covering a back and forth between the Chretien/Martin years and the year after the Harper govt took over in Feb 2006,
    what the opps have in hand is Colvin, jumping on the Globe & Mail bandwagon,
    and second hand ‘quotes’ from the Red Cross, which the Red Cross say they would never have made public.

  • Dana

    Every time I see the word “LIEberals” I realize I am dealing with an intellect of the very highest order – a Gomer Pyle of commentators.

  • Clown Party

    Will this include the years that the LIEberals were in power? After the Cons took power from you they changed the rules to what we have presently – WHY DID NOT THE LIEBERALS DO THIS WHEN THEY WERE IN POWER? Did they not know? Who was in Charge?

    This can go both ways, and could backfire if not careful.

  • ridenrain

    Poor Ujjal needs something to distract from his hypocritical “Harper’s Sales Tax” vote.

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