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The moral of the story is, Christie Blatchford..

…if you’re going to go after someone and try to discredit their testimony, at least make sure your attacks are accurate before you put them to print:

Comments released to a parliamentary committee this week about Afghanistan’s Khandahar prison that the facility seemed “to be in reasonably good condition” and that inmates got “enough food” were misattributed to Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin. In fact, the comments were made by an unknown third party and quoted by Mr. Colvin in an e-amil. Mr. Colvin made several trips, not one, outside the military base in Khandahar. Incorrect information appeared in a column November 28.

That would be the Globe and Mail making a “correction” in their print edition today on Blatchford’s November 28th column that went after Richard Colvin. In her rush to defend the Afghan mission, she didn’t do enough fact-checking on what she used in her attack column. Take anything Blatchford says from here on in with a grain of salt.

UPDATE @ 11:49 am: Kady’s take on the retraction and Blatchford’s original column


8 comments to The moral of the story is, Christie Blatchford..

  • Bull Caller

    Wax on, wax off….LOL nice one!!

  • Dana

    Another bright light.

    Hey, Karate Kid – stick to the exercises the sensei gave you. You’re not ready for the arena yet.

  • Karate Kid

    So based on this, should we be taking everything you write with a grain of salt? Or is every allegation you’ve ever made founded in concrete truth?

  • Ted

    No wonder she got pulled from the emails file and put back on the backburner with the crime beat.

  • MoS

    Christie Blatchford has never needed facts to forge opinion. It’s a damned poor reflection on The Globe that they don’t make her recant her drivel and apologize for it. The Globe’s “correction” is standard fare for third rate hack newspapers.

  • slg

    I don’t read her – she comes off likes she’s had a few too many or not enough sleep sometimes.

  • EFL

    “from here on in”? I’d be a little worried about someone who follows Canadian politics enough to read your blog but doesn’t yet know what Blatchford’s about. Such a person should rush to see a neurologist, to make sure some head bump hasn’t impaired some particular aspect of their cognitive abilities.

  • Dana

    I find it makes more sense to just not bother to read her toxic drivel than to dose myself with yet another toxic substance, sodium chloride. Surviving one poison by ingesting another has never made much sense. 😉

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