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More evidence of this government’s negligence on the detainee issue

More and more documents leaking out that incriminate the Conservative government on the detainees issue and how they didn’t want anything to do with them:

Canada’s top two commanders in Afghanistan in spring 2006 told investigators the government pressured them to transfer detainees to Afghan authorities faster than they felt was appropriate, CBC News has learned. Investigators for the military police complaints commission interviewed Brig.-Gen. David Fraser and Lt.-Col. Tom Putt, who both described the government as being obsessed with speed when it came to the transfer of Afghan detainees, according to transcripts of those interviews obtained by CBC News. Commanders in Canada wanted detainees handed over within 12 hours — faster, in most cases, than soldiers in the field could process them.

Ok, so the government was obsessed with speedy transfers.. and what about monitoring the detainees and how they were treated? Apparently no one thought it was their problem:

Both Putt and Fraser said the military’s interest in detainees ended as soon as the prisoners were transferred. The military didn’t monitor their condition — that was not its jurisdiction, Fraser said. And the government’s position was that monitoring detainees was an Afghan problem… It wasn’t until a full year after Canada started transferring detainees that the government started monitoring their treatment. In the meantime, it has been alleged that many had been abused — possibly even tortured.

The military officer also concurred with part of Colvin’s testimony on who we were “capturing”:

Putt’s testimony also suggests Canadian troops frequently weren’t capturing high-value Taliban targets — an assertion Colvin first raised two weeks ago. “I mean, we were basically capturing a local yokel, ” Putt said. “Detaining the local yokels and handing them off.”

It should be crystal clear to anyone with any sense of morality and rationality that a full fledged judicial public inquiry is needed.


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