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You indeed reap what you sow.

Andrew Coyne is upset the opposition parties didn’t leap to the defense of our Prime Minister when the Chinese Premier pointedly and publicly criticized him for his tardiness in visiting China.

As I said over at the comments there, with all the partisan games and cheapshots this Prime Minister has done on the opposition over the past few years, from calling them friends of the Taliban or accusing them (when they question what the Conservative government were doing in Afghanistan per the detainees issue) as being against Canadian soldiers, does anyone expect the opposition parties to be supportive when he gets a taste of his own medicine? I certainly am not.

I for one, hope more countries pointedly single Harper and Canada out at the Copenhagen Conference for our dragging of feet and possibly worse on the climate-change pact attempt. It will let Canadians know how far down our world-wide reputation as a country has fallen due to Harper’s small-minded narrow ideology.


13 comments to You indeed reap what you sow.

  • Roll Tide

    “I for one, hope more countries pointedly single Harper and Canada out at the Copenhagen Conference for our dragging of feet and possibly worse on the climate-change pact attempt”

    In light of the manipulation and destroying of climate data, Australia has come to its senses and voted down its emissions trading system. Good on them.

    Obama’s climate bill is bogged in the Senate, and seems to be heading in the same direction as the credibility of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia.

    Harper is smart to ignore the left, and keep his cards in his hands. He has an economy to defend.

  • Clown Party

    My understanding is that DeYawn did not go to China – No PM from Canada in the last five years was pointed out and at the same time no “Leader” from China came here. That was a suddle rebuke to China Leaders. Good for him.

  • ObviousGuy

    Scott, your logic seems to be that it’s good that Harper is getting a taste of his own medicine, and that’s just dandy.

    Maybe you should take your head out of your ass for a second and realize that this is *exactly* the justification the Tories have been using since they came to power to explain why they are being such partisan assholes to Liberals, i.e. payback (Crossing burning in Prince George? Redneck religious zealots who are Geoge Bush poodles? Equating any change from any status quo Liberal policy on anything – health care, foreign policy, environment – as certifiablu unCanadian?)

    This is an obvious schoolyard game. The Liberals hurt the Tories before 2006, so now the Tories are hurting the Liberals. And you, clearly one of the schoolyard gang, think the best solution is…to be dickheads right back! Yes! Clearly! That’s the high road, and the way out of the utterly corrosive cycle of making our politics meaner and meaner. Just wait until the Tories lose power, and see the Liberals become the bigger dicks again. Until the Liberals then lose, and the Tories become the dicks. And then the Liberals again. And then the Tories. Around and around we go!

    You are so absurdly consumed with a hatred for this government you can’t apply one iota of your own reasoning in a consistent manner. You really don’t care who the f*ck is attacking Stephen Harper, even if it’s one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet. Because that mean old Harper deserves it!

    What a joke.

  • leftdog

    Well said. I couldn’t agree more. Coyne equates ‘Harper’ with ‘Canada’ and feigns outrage. I use the word ‘feigns’ because in reality he is smarter than that.

  • Jim

    With the exception of Roll Tide, I have to say that you are all a bunch of utter morons.

    No wonder the world is shifting to the right, with the exception of the USA, but wait, Obama just pledged more troops to A-stan and decided to use Canada’s pull out date as his own…What does that tell you?

    Stupid, deluded lefties.

  • Roll Tide

    I remember Ronald Reagan being scolded by the Soviets. The left all came to the Soviet defense, to the pleasure of Pravda, I may add. The left are so afraid of offending Communists, so scared. I am sure the state controlled Chinese media will find favour in the Liberal parties comments, just like Pravda.

    They do not like us bringing up human rights . They want us to bow down and keep in private.
    That way its much easier to keep your citizens in a iron grip.

    Bob Rae goes on CTV and is concerned about the Potash industry. We have 2/3’s of the world supply. Memo to Bob, the Chinese need potash, and will keep paying top dollar for our high grade potash.
    Our dollar stores will continue to be well stocked Mr.Rae.
    Meanwhile jailed Chinese bloggers will get little moral support from their Canadian counterparts on the left.

    • @Roll Tide, “The left all came to the Soviet defense…” Oh, no generalities here. Straw men…

      And then… you’re all about selling them our natural resources, like potash.

      I seem to remember the left pushing to end Apartheid, and those Reformers lining up to call Nelson Mandela a terrorist…

  • foottothefire

    I don’t know what planet Coyne lives on but it might be worth his while to recall Jason Kenney’s grab/grovel for headlines by “visiting”, uninvited, the leading democracy advocate in China. Add to that the endless play for headlines by Harper himself offering contemptuous snot and spit targeted at China…not for the sake of democracy but rather solely for the sake of self-aggrandizement here in Canada.
    I doubt there were more than three Canadians offended by the righteous upbraiding Harper received in China (Coyne, Kenney and Baird in all likelihood).
    Harper’s diplomatic skills are on par with whazisname in North korea. Harper’s people skills are on par with a viper.
    Harper, in no way, shape of form represents Canada within Canada let alone outside of Canada…
    and Coyne knows it.

  • Anon ABC

    JimBobby: If Harper had championed human rights, and practised what he preached as in the detainee issue, I would have applauded his stand of principle. But, would you agree, that Harper’s seeming principle here is only to court a few more Asian votes?

    Anyone who understands Chinese diplomacy knows that it must have taken a lot for them to tell Harper off the way they did.

    Canada’s good name, built on the basis of the hard work of previous Libs and Cons govts., is sullied in less than 4 years. And the torture issue is just starting. Yeah, Canada sure is back … where though?

    Methinks Steve might just have a tummyache and, unfortunately, have to miss Copenhagen. Alberta seems a friendlier place than Copenhagen or Ottawa, what with the mood of those nasty Taliban loving opposition MPs and journalists who are demanding for unredacted memos.

  • Jay

    The international snub has begun. It started with Biden and not Obama calling Harper. We will be completely ignored and/or chastised at Copenhagen. Harper will regret changing his mind just ride Obamas coat tail. Seriously he’s acting like a jilted lover looking for another chance when it comes to Obama.

  • Cozyin’ up to China is cozyin’ up the the world’s biggest abuser of human rights. I guess being an economic powerhouse during bad economic times allows China to push its weight around and the rest of the world to look the other way. Prostitution, pure and simple.

  • Why should anyone support Harper after he insulted the Chinese by not attending their Olympics, played favourites over the oil sands, dragged his feet to visit China in the past 5 years (failing to pick up on the good work Team Canada and Chretien did), while only now, after our country has been in a major recession/depression for the past year or so, is he getting off his fat ass to go to India and China to try and drum up business for our ailing economy. He has been a disaster for our country and continues to be so every day that goes by.

  • S

    Harper has been chipping away at our foreign policy for years, through our foreign service, through not going to China to support OUR athletes if nothing else, through ignoring and obstructing worldwide climate conferences, stating at a party get-together in northern Ontario that canada will not be dictated to by the UN, and now Andrew Coyne expects us to stand up for Harper, when instead of him standing up for Canada he has been piece by piece tearing it apart with lies, partisanship and bullying? Even the QUEEN pointed out in a thinly veiled speech that Canada is not performing as it should.

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