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Wow… The Donolo-led Liberal OLO gets edgy on Copenhagen!

I had to make sure this was coming from the Liberals and not a Liberal blogger:


Introducing the Stephen Harper Anywhere But Copenhagen Photo Challenge

Last week Stephen Harper finally agreed to follow world leaders like Barack Obama to the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen. We know that there are many, many places that Harper would rather be than Copenhagen next week—and we want you to use your mad Photoshop skills to illustrate them for us!
Now, this wouldn’t be a challenge without a winner. That’s why we’ve lined up these exciting prizes for the 3 best entries:

Some examples to get you going…


If this is any indication, the newly revamped Donolo-led OLO at Liberal HQ is at least going to be more entertaining with their press releases. Hopefully, that leads to being more effective dissemination of their message as well. (More details on how to enter the contest at the Liberal Party site).


8 comments to Wow… The Donolo-led Liberal OLO gets edgy on Copenhagen!

  • Malcolm

    Freedom Lovers: At least something will be rotten in the state of Denmark when the White House Squirrel (tied to Acorn) arrives in Copenhagen to find ways to CHEW us out and SNUFF out freedom! Speaking of Copenhagen, we’ve gotta find ways to cope with that publicity hog!
    Squirrel Watcher

    (above web bit just seen – Malcolm)

  • Bull Caller


    I don’t ever recall the conservatives really going to bat on the environmental file other than to advocate for big oil and other polluters. In fact, wasn’t it your dear leader who referred to climate change legislation as a ‘socialist scheme’ (cue the sinister music hand out the foil hats)…. ah but memory is but a fleeting thing. I don’t think any ‘lefty’ is expecting any government to be perfect, but there is an expectation of decorum and competence, neither of which has materialized with the current band of conservative wankers running the show. They are not likeable, dangerously incompetent, cynical, childish, and are spending my money to pursue their own borderline fascist agendas. I don’t think any party is vastly superior by a long shot, but a band of rhesus monkeys could do better than the harper party.

    There is one thing I do know of ‘blogging tories’ or ‘conservatives’ in general is that whatever happened in the past, they are bound to rewrite it to suit their needs at the moment.

  • slg

    Must be working, the Con trolls are coming out. If no one notices, why do they?

    It’s really funny – especially Poilievre

  • Roll Tide

    “Donolo led” party

    You got that right. Iggy is so in over his head he has handed it over.

    At least your honest enough to admit it.

  • Yessireebob

    You know, it’s a funny thing, most of your criticisms of the Tory government are pretty fair. They’ve shown contempt for Parliament. They’ve been overly partisan. They’ve been vicious, petty, made false allegations, and outright lied. All good reasons to be upset with the government.

    The problem for you, Scott, and other Liberal bloggers is, previous Liberal governments, including Jean Chretien’s and Paul Martin’s, also did all of these things at various times. Back then it was the blogging Tories going berserk and Libloggers either chortling at the hapless opposition, or defending the indefensible on entirely partisan grounds.

    Now the tables have turned, and Liberals don’t like it. I don’t blame them. But what do you suppose will happen someday when the Liberals are back in power? Do you really think they will be any different? Or will it then just be the Libloggers acting as water-carriers for the goverment, just like the Blogging Tories do right now?

    Every government comes into power saying they will eschew the tactics and approach of the last. We’ve seen countless times how this is empty posturing. So forgive me for being skeptical that Liberals in power would be any less arrogant, over-the-top or contemptful than Tories in power.

  • MoS

    That’s your idea of the LPC getting “edgy” on Copenhagen? It’s puerile, frivolous and totally irrelevant. Fortunately for the Libs, 99.9% of Canadians will never see it.

  • Sounds more like Mercer than Donolo. But hey – I’m game!

    (I like the Surprise Squirrel version 🙂

  • JMR

    no photo but I’m just asking what is Mrs Harper’s job description “security blanket ?”

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