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Another example of the Conservatives contempt for Parliament.

It’s pretty much a given that the Conservative government will ignore the non-binding motion passed in the House of Commons yesterday that called on the government to call a public inquiry into the Afghan detainees issue. Jack Layton of the NDP warns that ignoring this action would be “in contempt of Parliament“. That’s not stopped them from ignoring other non-binding votes that went against them in the House however, so don’t expect them to change their tune here either, unless public pressure gets so overwhelming they have no choice.

We’ve also seen other examples of this contempt on other matters as well, such as Harper deciding to release the final update on the stimulus measures in an airplane while flying over Siberia. They decided that would be more appropriate to do then the Finance Minister planning to do so while he was in Winnipeg – neither place being anywhere near the House of Commons and subject to Opposition scrutiny, you might notice. Apparently, Harper couldn’t find the time while he was here on Monday to do so in the House.

It’s more likely that Harper and the Conservatives view the House of Commons as an inconvenient exercise in trying to unfurl government propaganda where they could be called to account on it.


3 comments to Another example of the Conservatives contempt for Parliament.

  • Don’t you see, by deciding to announce the 4th economic stimulus update over SIBERIA, Harpo is staying true to form.

    He is sending a message: Dissenters and critical discourse have no place in his “Tory Democracy” – they belong only in the GULAG!

    Where, for the love of Buddha, God, Allah, and Jesus is our Solzhenitsyn who will speak truth against this tyranny?

  • Bull Caller

    The longer they resist the worse its going to get. Imagine them getting a non-confidence vote and going into an election under an enormous cloud of controversy surrounding their competence, (isotopes, economy, environment), their messaging, (in and out, novelty cheques, action plan signs, 10%’ers), and on democracy/human rights (afghan detainees,canadians jailed in foreign lands, LGBT, Khadr)….. already widely disliked by the majority of the country this business is simply icing the cake.

    Its time everyone started to push back against these fascist bastards, and rattled their cage hard.

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