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A new candidate steps up for most demagogic Conservative MP.

There are many candidates for this title; Pierre Poilievre, Vic Toews, Jason Kenney come to mind.

Courtesy of Kady O”Malley’s liveblogging, where even she sounded a bit taken aback at the following quotation, Cheryl Gallant has just made herself a player in that competition with this lamentable entry during the MP’s debate over the NDP motion calling on the Conservatives to hold a public inquiry into the Afghan detainees issue:

…it turns out that the last speaker today will be — Cheryl Gallant, who begins by stating that she was told by a Canadian soldier that every time the Afghanistan mission is debated in Canada, more soldiers die; according to this unnamed soldier, who may or may not exist, “credits the leader of the NDP with the death of his best friend.” On that extraordinary note, she sits down, and Layton, to his credit, says none of the things that a less temperate soul might utter in response to such a charge, and merely points out that it was actually Gallant’s leader — the prime minister — who has stressed the need to consult parliament when such missions are being considered, and who brought the matter to the House himself.

I’m not sure what’s worse – Gallant’s speech, or the fact the Conservative leadership decided to give her the honour of wrapping up the Conservative opposition to this motion.

That motion passed by the way, by a vote of 146 – 129. Do I expect the Conservatives to respect the will of Parliament over a non-binding motion? Not a chance, (or at least not willingly), but it’s important symbolically to show the Canadian people a majority of Parliament supports this, and it is continuing pressure on this government to come clean on the matter. Next up will be these documents the government is finally promising to release to the Parliamentary Committee investigating the Afghanistan detainees. We’ll also have to see tomorrow if there’s more black marker on these documents then there are sentences or words.


12 comments to A new candidate steps up for most demagogic Conservative MP.

  • Mark Watson

    In a contest for the most demagogic, we would have a true ‘leadership race’ among the Conservatives… Too bad it’s not a ‘personality and character’ contest, or an actual ‘having more than two neurons to rub together’ competition…

  • EFL

    I think you’re unfair: were she allowed to speak more often, of course Gallant would be the most demagogic, given, the two following statements, among others:

    a) “The Western Catholic Reporter, in an article on an anti-abortion rally on Parliament Hill last month, quotes Gallant as saying the world was horrified at the murder of American contractor Nicholas Berg. He was beheaded by terrorists, and video of the incident was posted on an al-Qaeda affiliated website. “She compared the killing to the abortions performed in Canada over 35 years and said it is ‘absolutely no different’,” the article said. Stephen Harper responded immediately from Calgary, but refused to condemn his MP’s remarks.”

    b) “She (Gallant) also cited Ms. Leedum, “who is very opposed to any coalition. She voted for the Prime Minister. She says that French leader doesn’t belong with us.””

    But since she’s generally muzzled, and only let out when they need an unbalanced mauling, I feel you give her too much credit. I still maintain it’s a close fight between Baird & Poilievre, with van Loan not far off, given the frequency and excess of their statements. Of course, Lunn is in the race as well. And Harper may be the most egregious, given the job he holds, but he only reverts to it when he needs to whip up the extremist base when the Cons are running scared. So I’d still be torn between Baird & PP. Since Baird is Harper’s right-hand man and most important, I give it to him over PP.

  • oppo guy

    My mom always said don’t attack the person but attack their ideas when they’re wrong. Mom clearly never counted on my encountering someone so seemingly without an idea as Ms Gallant.

    Accusing Jack Layton – or anyone for that matter – of endagering our CF members by having debated the mission or elements of it, is so utterly purile it bearly deserves any discussion except to condemn the words.

    The Conservatives are on their way to revisiting their fringe days of Larry Spencer and Darrel Stinson lest they condemn Gallant’s words post haste.

  • Par for the course for Cheryl Gallant. Some years ago during one of her anti-gay tirades in the House, she kept yelling at Bill Graham : “How’s your boyfriend?”
    Currently on the AFGH committee. After Colvin’s opening remarks :
    “I was very proud to have served in Afghanistan alongside the courageous and professional men and women of the Canadian Forces, including Canada’s military police. The focus of our attention, in my view, should not be on those who obeyed their chain of command, which soldiers are obliged to do. Instead, any responsibility for Canada’s practices toward detainees lies, in my view, with the senior military officers, senior civilian officials, and the lawyers who developed the legal framework, designed the policies and practices, and then ordered that they be implemented…”
    Gallant spent 7 minutes lecturing Colvin on how the troops are not to blame.
    Stupifyingly thick.
    And yet every election she is returned to office by a wider margin. Go figure.

  • A twitter from The Wingnuterer seen today:

    NEWS: CDN Gov redaction employees resort to using black spray paint.

  • @Marx-A-Million, you’re trying a bit too hard methinks to convince everyone you’re a lefty.

  • I saw on CTV, the documents given the Military Police Commission, and they were badly blacked out .. even entire pages!

  • Another fantastic post! How quickly can we possibly get Peter MacKay in front of a tribunal at the Hague? We can even include the offending soldiers as co-defendants. Following orders is not an acceptable justification for war crimes according to International Law.

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