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The Ontario Speaker did his job

Despite being a federal Liberal supporter for the past few years since the 2006 Convention, I’m not exactly a big fan of the provincial Ontario Liberal government. I mostly vote for them because I don’t like the alternatives, but their policies I’ve found little reason to get excited over.

That said, I have to disagree with John Laforet’s assertion that the Ontario Speaker suspending 2 Progressive Conservative MPP’s from the legislature til after the next Budget is “undemocratic”. They were being unruly and disruptive in their behaviour, and contributing nothing to the HST debate (which is what caused the kerfuffle in the first place). There are rules on place when you’re in the legislature, and if the Speaker doesn’t enforce those rules, the legislature reverts to an “anything goes” mentality.

Quite frankly, I’d like to see the current federal Speaker of the House of Commons, Peter Miliken, do a lot more to enforce the House of Commons rules; he’s been pretty meek in my opinion, of letting members – particularly Conservative MP’s – do damage to the House’s reputation. I’d like to see him get some of the Ontario Speaker’s gumption. Miliken’s recent ruling that one of the Conservatives “10-percenter ads” was out of order and harmed the reputation of Irwin Cotler is a start, but he needs to do a lot more, in my opinion.


10 comments to The Ontario Speaker did his job

  • Ti-Guy


    Scott: This parody blog is passing itself off as a member of Progressive Bloggers. I wouldn’t have tattled except for the fact that it’s not a very good parody. And he deleted my comment.

    You might get Google to remove it for unauthorised use of PB’s copyrighted banner.

    • @Ti-Guy, actually he’s applied to become an affiliate. We’ve stated at our site that applying members should put up one of the buttons or the lists as part of the application process… so he’s not technically in violation of anything as of yet.

      • Ti-Guy

        @Scott Tribe,

        Well, it’s definitely a parody. Check out this post and his comment.

        It’s not really funny and presents progressives as credulous and dim.

        …which they may be, if they think blog is serious 😉

        • @Ti-Guy, Well, as I’ve stated to him in response to a comment made by him in my most recent blogpost, it appears he’s trying too hard to convince everyone of his progressive credentials. I’m also curious that there’s an active Marxist/Leninist out in Burnaby BC.

  • Couldn’t they just thump their desks extra-loud?

    All this over upping the price of haircuts?

    And legal fees, and new homes, and… Oh…

  • slg

    Well damn, part of democracy are laws and rules. If you can’t act like a grown up and play by the rules you are breaking up democracy.

    What an embarrassment the Ontario Tories are with their childish, useless grandstanding. Pitiful.

  • Alan K

    Mark, you nearly gave me a heart attack when you said the three words “Baird for Speaker”.

  • Who to replace Miliken? Baird for Speaker! LOL

    Banned for an entire session? Hmmmm… Can’t they apologize or something to get back in? Does seem extreme.

    • @Mark Francis, The Speaker can reconsider the duration of the suspension – that is entirely his (or her) perogative. It is assumed that the government will prorogue at the end of this month – hence why they are time allocating everything and holding evening sittings – they are trying to get through as much legislation as possible. If prorogation does happen this month, then Hillier and Murdoch will have their slates wiped clean when the new session starts in the spring. And they are due to prorogue – this session started in Oct 2007.

  • Alan K

    Miliken is a gentlemen of the old school politics from the 1960s and 1970s. Frankly, he’s too nice for the current climate where tough love must be enforced by action. He just doesn’t have the stones to actually enforce his rulings. I think he should have been replaced 2 years ago, after the Tories went through their first year in governemnt. Let’s hope he doesn’t run again, so we can get a new Speaker.

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