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Want your 15 seconds of fame on CBC?

You can do so by being the person with the winning name entry for a segment of the new CBC Power and Politics Show:

If you are a regular viewer of Power & Politics you may have noticed that we like to end the show with a little tidbit..The problem is… the segment doesn’t have a name. We sometimes call it the political goodie bag, but frankly, that name isn’t that good. There are a couple of caveats: the name has to be able to be encompass the funny and the light as well as the serious (when need be). And it shouldn’t include my name. Rosie’s Rambles, for instance, won’t work.

Rosemary Barton says you  can send in your suggestions to an e-mail to [email protected] or a tweet to @CBCPolitics with the hashtag #PandPnameit. (I saw her on her Twitter feed asking for more entries to be entered in, so I thought I’d give the P & P folks a bit of a hand by publicizing it a bit more).

If you’re wondering, ny suggestion for their segment’s name was Political Particles.


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