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Eventually, the truth does come out

..and it may be starting to with regards to what the Conservative government did and didn’t do in how they handled the Afghan detainee situation. It appears Canadian officials may not have been done any investigations of torture allegations, but washed their hands of the matter:

Claims by senior Conservatives that Canadian officials investigate credible claims of torture in Afghan jails are called into question by court testimony last year, documents obtained by the Star show. Kerry Buck, former director general of the Afghanistan Task Force, testified Canadian officials in Afghanistan don’t investigate the credibility of torture allegations involving detainees handed over by Canada, but simply pass along the claims to the Afghan government… Alex Neve, secretary general of Amnesty International Canada, said Buck’s comments raise the question how ministers can feel so confident in making conclusive statements that there have been no proven cases of torture, save for one in November 2007.

Turning over allegations to the Afghan government and letting them investigate whether any of their own officials did torture on detainees/prisoners is the equivalent of letting a fox be in charge of the henhouse, or the inmates in charge of the asylum – pull out your best descriptive metaphor here.

UPDATE: By the way, as a followup to my blogpost from yesterday, we read that according to at least one international law expert, it would be the current and former Defense Ministers in this government that would be held to the most responsibility for any wrong-doing, not frontline soldiers, who Harper claimed yesterday the opposition parties were attacking by their probing of torture allegations.


9 comments to Eventually, the truth does come out

  • Gayle

    Jennifer, clearly you care more about the political fortunes of Harper than you do for the safety of our troops, or for the safety and security of the women and children of Afghanistan. You should be ashamed of yourself for willfully promoting the death and destruction of oir sons and daughters just because you are scared Harper is going to lose a couple points in the polls.

    What’s next? Are you going to cheer for public executions of Canadian soldoers in the hope it will justify Harper’s actions on this file? I bet you do.

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    I could care less how Taliban fighters, who are trying to kill our loved ones, are treated by their own government. When we hand them over, it is no longer our problem.

    You guys care more about the Taliban then our own troops who have to dodge these guys everyday from blowing themselves up to kill you.

    • Frank Frink

      @Jennifer Thomlison,

      Ummm.. no. We actually care that our country (and our governments) follow the rule of law and the international treaties and agreements to which we are signatory.

      (and here I thought you Cons were all about ‘Teh Law’ – except when it’s inconvenient for you I suppose.)

      Remember, we’re the ones who are supposed to be better than those we are fighting against.

      The “Taliban lover” or “Taliban hugger” talking point was old and tired five years ago. It’s pretty simple. They have no real argument to present. Attempting to smear us is all they have. They’ve got nothing else.

      Tune in tomorrow folks for another installment of ‘Jennifer Receives Her Daily Talking Points”.

  • Gayle

    Good response Bull, but I would ignore the idiots when they deliberately post their stupidities in a pathetic attempt to put progressives on the defensive.

    That’s kind of like saying BTs support torture, onternational war crimes, and the rape and murder of women and children

  • Bull Caller

    No Jenny, YOU are the retard. Take your meds and watch some more Fox news.

    People who actually support the troops wish to make sure the people who are managing the show (Harper, Hillier, et al) ensure that what is done doesn’t make them more hated in their theatre of conflict, putting them further at risk. And, as a result, they should be accountable for their actions on this file. As they should on many others.

    Heck of a concept but your tiny conservative mind would likely explode if it took in so much information.

    Progressives don’t hate the troops, we hate liars and we hate those that choose to ignore reality. Do you really think its okay to violate international treaties when handing over prisoners? What do you think about that jenny? Do you want us to act like a##holes on the international stage? Do you think that will make us spread freedom and democracy that much easier? Do tell?

  • Jennifer Thomlison

    So now you are calling our troops liars, retarded, and war criminals.

    Shame on you Liblogs.

    • @Jennifer Thomlison, Since when is the Minister of Defense considered “the troops”?

      As I’ve said before, the more Harper falsely claims the troops are being blamed, the more likely people will think the troops have blame if this issue fleshes out to reveal that there’s culpability on behalf of the government. The Harper Government is denigrating our troops.

  • Bull Caller

    Blogging Tories:

    Defenders of the liars and retarded.

  • Jennifer Thomlison


    Defenders of the Taliban.

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