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Sunday November 29/09 snippets

– BigCityLib fact checks & reads Mark Steyn’s columns at Macleans so you don’t have to. I wonder if he’ll be doing that with recently arrived Colby Cosh as well. He may not be blogging about much else if he takes that on too.

– An odd way for the Canadian government to show patriotism with the upcoming Vancouver Olympics: “Canada’s $9.2-million, Olympic pavilion is being built by a U.S. firm from Chicago. The contract was awarded just recently on short notice, and apparently helped to exclude a lot of Canadian firms from doing the work. This is particularly galling when Canadian firms are facing trouble getting contracts in the US due to their informal “Buy USA” policy at the state and municipal level, but then I always have thought that Harper’s “Standing Up For Canada” slogan was a bunch of stirring words meant to fool some gullible Canadians into thinking Harper was a nationalist.

– Canada and India signs a nuclear deal. If Harper decides to privatize APEC, this deal isn’t going to benefit Canada at all, as Impolitical shows, but will benefit some multinational’s profit line. Oh, and by the way, India coincidentally just had a nuclear accident which involved a Candu reactor. Another instance of profit motive and politics over Canada’s national interest and pragmatism?

– 26 Days until Christmas. I’m still waiting for the first (sticking) snowfall here in Southwestern Ontario to really put me in the Christmas spirit. The Weather Network says possibly this Thursday is the first good chance of that. We’ll see.


5 comments to Sunday November 29/09 snippets

  • The India deal is what Harper will actually be selling if the privatization goes forward.

  • Roll Tide

    Hasan was an Islamist, who was in contact with a very radical Muslim cleric.

    Who called the terrorist act “heroic”.

    Forget Steyn, you hate him no matter what. How about the New York Times-MSNBC

    The US Army failed to intervene, the political correctness is so obvious.

    Keep the blinders on Liberals, the Islamists are using you and laughing at your naivety.

  • croghan27

    Christina – I hear that global climate change is wrecking havoc with your construction sector. With the permafrost line sinking lower and lower as thing warm up, the pillars upon which your buildings are seated must go deeper and deeper to reach a firm bed.

    You may have snow, but your ‘cold level’ is aris’in.

  • Christina Monroe

    We have had snow for months in Yellowknife, and due to changes in climate way too much. It is supposed to be colder so we get less snow not huge dumps of it every day.

    I would send you some if it wouldn’t melt before it reached you.

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