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If Harper can change his mind on things..

…then I can as well… at least partially, anyhow. The thing I’ve changed my mind on (partially) is using Twitter.

I’ve been a rather strong skeptic of Twitter as many of you know. I’ve not seen much use for 140 characters or less,and I’m still not sure I do. However, in talking with one of my Progressive Bloggers affiliates, Matt (who blogs at bastard.logic), he mentioned there was a thing called Twitterfeed, that could retransmit blogposts (or at least, their title and a brief summary) to Twitter.

That I think would be half useful.. so along with some mild persuasion from Matt (who is usually not that mild in his blogposts, if you ever read him), I’ve given in slightly on my intransigence at Twitter, and have gotten an account for that purpose. Don’t expect me to be a daily “Tweeter” with this thing (though obviously if someone says hello to me on there, I’m going to obviously reply), but I can be found at Twitter here.


4 comments to If Harper can change his mind on things..

  • Bizarro

    Damn! You were my Maginot Line!
    Now I’ll have to investigate.

  • It took me about 100 tweets to see how Twitter could be a really powerful tool. I think, if you give it a bit of a test-drive, you’ll be impressed by how it can function as a great side-kick to your blog.

  • Welcome to the Twitterverse. Using a prog like TweetDeck helps make sense of it. My TweetDeck setup now has about 12 columns: groups and saved searches for things like #cdnpoli #elxn41, #nuclear, #energy, #climate, #torture, #afgh and more.

    I think the best thing about Twitter is the ability to link to more substantive pieces — either your own blog, others’ blogs and/or MSM items.

  • Welcome to the Tweeting side.

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