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Retired generals accessed secret government documents to prepare for testimony…

…and Peter MacKay has no idea how that happened. And pigs can fly.

Video supplied by CBC.


2 comments to Retired generals accessed secret government documents to prepare for testimony…

  • foottothefire

    As I predicted day one of Harper’s self-anointment, he will not be guided by moral principle let alone law.
    Noteworthy however, Harperites (throw in CTV and Cannedwest) have managed to redirect the focus from the PMO being complicit in torture (Was there anyone in Canada who didn’t know it was going on at the time?).
    As to Mulroney’s testimony today, he boldly stated that every “detainee”, was known to be a terrorist…and that FACT seems to have gone by unnoticed…foot calls, bs.

  • Anon

    This issue itself needs to be further investigated because it is, frankly, outrageous.

    How could retired Generals, who are now civillians, have access to these reports when opposition MPs who need them to assess the truthfulness of what the Generals were claiming (when they dismissed Colvin’s testimony as ludicrous) did not get them despite repeated requests? And this is happening while Colvin himself has been threatened with legal action if he were even to release the reports if he ever wanted to defend himself? And others as well, I might add.

    Does it bother anyone else that the three Generals did not appear to be bothered by this basic principle of lack of equity? Gauthier did mention something about hoping that the opposition members will get the documents as well, but I did not hear any strong words to the govt from any of the three that this was really not appropriate or fair.

    If I had any hopes yesterday that the Generals would stand by a higher principle, they have vanished.

    I think the Cons are making a mistake if they think that most Canadians will be fooled by all this wrapping themselves around the flag and by their rhetoric of how brave Canadian soldiers are defending our values while their critics are somehow disloyal. I think most of the 70% who believed Colvin will realize that their values are actually not being defended here.

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