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Will Ms. Joya face the same attacks on her as Richard Colvin?

It’s what this government does best when threatened with a view contrary to the spin they wish to put out. It’s possible however that in the case of Ms Joya, MacKay and company will probably just dismiss this as more “second-hand information” and try not to go over the top with their rebuttals. You never know though with this bunch:

Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin’s claim that detainees transferred by Canadians to Afghan prisons were likely tortured is true and an “open secret” in her country, a former Afghan MP said in Ottawa on Thursday…Malalai Joya, a human rights activist who was suspended from the Afghan parliament in 2007 for openly criticizing officials, told reporters on Thursday that Colvin is correct in his assessment. “What he has been saying is what I’ve heard from my people,” she said. “Many of the victims are women and children detainees who have been raped, she said. “It’s not new for our people.” Joya said diplomats are often in denial after issues of abuse or corruption are brought to light. “He exposed,” she said of Colvin. “And I hope [more is exposed].”


5 comments to Will Ms. Joya face the same attacks on her as Richard Colvin?

  • Ms Joya is pretty much irrelevent, despite the efforts of the various anti war morons helping her out.

    • @Backseat Blogger, Pretty much anyone is irrelevant to you guys trying to discredit whoever dares to contradict your heroes.

      • @Scott Tribe,

        umm…. scott, who would be “you guys”? i’m not a blogging tory after all.

        and if you actually read my post on ms joya, you would se that it had nothing to do with the travails of mr. colvin. Rather I was simply pointing out that she is a moron.

        It is the mark of a loon to recommend a course of action without even an attempt to deal with the consequences. ms. joya not only does not address the consequences of her recommendation, she refuses to even discuss them.

        Not exactly a credible source.

  • Members of the Blogging Tories have been attacking her, using the propaganda faxed to them from the PMO, I’d guess.

  • Al

    I don’t think so. They will just turn her over to the prison authorities

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