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Gerald Keddy’s non-apology apology

Shorter Gerald Keddy (my and others interpretation):

I only believe the unemployed are no-good bastards, I shouldn’t have actually said they were.

This is supposedly one of the “moderates” in the Conservative Party – that should tell you something about their current ideological makeup.

(H/T to my friend Ryan)


5 comments to Gerald Keddy’s non-apology apology

  • Stew

    This is the same nob who was signing his name onto Canadian taxpayer backed stimulus checks, which also happened to be carrying Harper’s party logo, instead of the insignia of our country. So I am not surprised with a man such as Keddy, who seems quite at home among a group that has no problem perpetrating fraud, coming out to disrespect Canadian citizens as he did. Seeing that the check fraud was actually quite wide spread among his conservative peers, one can only wonder if the same attitude expressed by Keddy is not also a commonly held belief among his party and its boss.

  • WesternGrit,
    You’re comments are ‘spot on’!! Good for you!

    sheila brown,
    I too agree the US influence has been staggering, which probably accounts for why Calgary was George Bush’s first stop after leaving the presidency. With over 100,000 Americans living and working in Calgary, this is not surprising, I guess.

    It is not easy ‘being red in a sea of blue’ in Alberta. Good for you that you left, many Americans are doing likewise these days. When enough of them have left maybe things will turn around for the better for Calgary and Alberta, but with most Albertans being the sheep that they are, I doubt it! The truth be told, most of them are fools suffering their own stupidity.

  • I moved with my husband from Toronto in the early 50’s to Calgary and worked with Gulf Oil. When asked where did I come from and said Toronto it was soon understood by me not to say Toronto…sometimes I could get by in saying Ont. It was obviously to me early on forget your eastern origins. What I did notice was that many Americans had already came to Calgary at that time because of the Oil boom and I think, maybe that has something to do with how Albertans view more democratic i.e. liberal responses to what goes on there. I am glad I left. When we arrived Preston Manning’s father was not only the Premier of the Prov. but also was a minister in a fundemental church and on Sundays through his radio broadcasts preached from that source and then on Mondays back to the Legislature for Alberta politics. Too strange from some one from Ontario.

  • I lived in Calgary for 7 years (about 7 too many), and was constantly hearing such comments riding the C-Train to work. The culture in Alberta is SO ingrained with this BITTER HATRED of anyone on some sort of social assistance (or none, and hurting because of it), that they often sit and defend young suburban punks from “good” homes, who end up beating homeless people for “sport”.

    The angry vitriol coming from most mouths – people who, based on their position in life, etc., one would think wouldn’t bother themselves with such hate – is just shocking. I worked in office environments where the employees I had working for me, with no union representation, actually spewed vitriol about unions – without ever experiencing one.

    I wish most Canadians had a few weeks to spend in Calgary – just taking it in. Not having to hold a job there (because then you will imp your employer’s political position – this is rampant in Alberta), but just to take it in for a while. You’ll leave shaking your head (unless you’re one of the 30-some % of the 50% who vote – translated to less than 15% of all Canadians – who probably already LIVE in close (mostly rural) proximity to Calgary).

    The workplace thing is particularly disturbing in AB – and I wish someone would do a study on it, or something. Most workplaces are so politically Conservative/Reform, that speaking your mind when someone cries about “stupid Liberal this, or that”, or “damn Ontario”, etc., and you can write your own resignation. There is very little free thought/expression there. If you work in most offices it is okay to criticize the East, Quebec, or the people living there – or Liberals, or “socialists”, but NEVER can you even reflect a minority opinion without fearing for your job. I’ve watched people be fired from major Canadian corporations – JUST for talking about unions. Just talking, mind you – not organizing or anything like that. I’ve seen people get fired over comments made during the lead-up to the Gulf War. Seriously.

    In Alberta, there is a constant contest to see who is more conservative… with Calgary and Calgarians constantly winning… and continuing to call themselves “normal, ordinary folk”… Lol…

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