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European Union diplomat says Colvin is correct.

Richard Colvin’s diplomatic equivalent in the EU says in the Saturday Toronto Star that Colvin knew what he was talking about when he tried to warn Canadian officials about torture:

EU diplomat backs claims on torture

Canadian’s warnings on Afghan detainees reflected common view, says his European colleague

Richard Colvin’s repeated warnings to the Canadian government about detainee torture in Afghanistan were an expression of the common concerns of like-minded Western nations, not the baseless ramblings of a rogue diplomat, a European colleague says. Michael Semple, former deputy head of the European Union’s mission in Afghanistan when Colvin was second-in-command of the Canadian embassy, said his own records from his time in Kabul are littered with the same findings that the senior Canadian envoy shared with a House of Commons committee this week.

Colvin, now a top intelligence officer at the embassy in Washington, expressed concerns that were “absolutely credible,” said Semple, now a research fellow at Harvard University’s Carr Center for Human Rights…The Canadian government should have heeded Colvin’s allegation that detainees transferred by Canadian soldiers to local authorities likely were abused, Semple said.

We also read that Mr Semple believed that Mr. Colvin was trying to get his warnings through to his superiors discreetly and internally:

Colvin never complained to him about Canadian officials in Ottawa or Afghanistan ignoring his advice from the front lines, nor did he mention, as he did in his testimony, that he was being asked to keep his explosive findings out of written reports to his superiors to avoid a scandalous paper trail. “My reading of this is that he was discreet and did not discuss internal Canadian affairs with people outside his office,” Semple said.

So in otherwards, Colvin wasn’t trying to grandstand here; he was being very professional. Being professional is something the Conservative government and it’s MP’s have shown a distinct lack of the past few days in responding to these allegations. See Jeffery Simpson’s Globe and Mail column today for more about this mudslinging smear pattern the Conservatives do to folks who don’t go along with their narrative.

UPDATE @ 12:30 pm: More from Semple on Colvin:

Semple..told the Star he was “totally flabbergasted” by the comments of Defence Minister Peter MacKay and cabinet colleague John Baird. “The suggestions are preposterous.” Colvin, Semple said, was an “absolutely rock solid” diplomatic staffer who stepped up and volunteered to go in as a civilian representative with Canada’s Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar after Glyn Berry, a close friend of Semple, was killed by a suicide car bomber outside Kandahar.

“Glyn sacrificed his life serving Canada and serving that cause, and Richard volunteered to step into his shoes, and for someone to turn around and suggest that somehow Richard is a closet Taliban sympathizer or someone who’s `soft on terrorists’ – when every waking day in Kandahar when he was there he knew that the Taliban had killed his predecessor – of all the people in the world who are vulnerable to that accusation, Richard’s pretty low on the list, I’d have thought.

H/T to Pogge, who is right when he says this Conservative government doesn’t care how faithfully you serve Canada (I say Canada, not this government, as he does – because I think there’s a big distinction there) – “If it becomes convenient for them to throw you under a bus, then under the bus you go”.


2 comments to European Union diplomat says Colvin is correct.

  • JimmyJim

    Colvin was appointed to his post right after the Liberals lost power. The question is was this a Conservative practice or was something carried over from the Liberals which Colvin did not get a chance to see not being there when the Liberals ran things in Afghanistan. I think it is the later and I would be careful trying to make this a Conservative issue because it just might bite you. I know the NDP was never for this practice that is a fact, I hope the Liberals weren’t either but that remains to be seen.

  • It’s all a multi-country Liberal plot, backed by the Global Warming alarmists! LOL.

    *sigh* The Conservative’s screeching defamation is sooooo tiring.

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