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Timed for distraction?

In brief, the other big issue today – at least amongst Liberal blogs – is the disgraceful latest “10 percenter” flyer that’s being mailed out with taxpayer’s money to Liberal-held Jewish ridings (and NDP’er Thomas Muclair’s riding as well) which distorts the Liberals positions the past several years on Israel, and more or less accuses the Liberal Party and/or members as holding anti-Semitic positions/views; another example of Harper and his Conservative Party’s attempt at playing ethnic wedge politics.

As I mused elsewhere, I know these flyers go over the line, but I’m curious whether the Conservatives timed these for release now, knowing that Mr. Colvin was going to say what he did yesterday at the Afghan Detainee Commission, in the hopes it would distract the Liberals from that issue, which I think has the potential to embarrass and hurt the Conservatives politically far worse then the flyers.


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  • Mar

    Suppressed Medical Records (File 5100-13465/001)

    St. Catharines, Ontario

    – Privacy Commissioner of Canada (Sect. 25,26,28)

    – C.M.H.A / C.A.M.H. – Brock University

    Further details Google:



  • DJ

    The average person doesn’t care that Afghans are torturing Taliban prisoners.

  • I’d rather think the CONs would prefer a rosey gigantic novelty cheque spreading spree, but we also know that they resort to throwing mud too to tarnish everyone in parliament rather than be accountable for their own deeds.
    The CONbots above, by their support of such tactics, reveal themselves for the ethic-challenged morons they are…

  • Gayle

    I am not one of those people who believe political blogs control political discourse.

    It took nothing away from covering Colvin. Colvin was the lead story, and somewhere down the line this one appeared.

  • Gayle

    Why would you think it worked? Colvin is making headlines, MacKay’s attack in Colvin is being met with ridicule. The 10%’ers are barely making a blip in the bigger picture.

    • Roll Tide


      I was being facetious. How can Harper control Colvin’s timing.
      However the 10% ad took talking time, print space and blog space away from Colvin. As evidenced right here.

  • Roll Tide

    If it did it worked, you took the bite.

  • Big Winnie

    Irwin Cotler has been the Liberal lead against the 10%er sent out by the CONs. The bigger issue is what Mr. Colvin said yesterday and I think what he said was pretty damning of a government that lies, to Canadians. If it wasn’t so, why did the government try to stall Colvin from testifying?
    Why did the government threaten to charge Colvin under the “secrecy act” or whatever it is?
    Why did the government not provide Colvin with legal representation?
    Why is the government dismissing Colvin’s testimony an attacking his credibility when they should be thanking him for his service and taking action?

  • Joseph

    Well, to be blunt, if such a sloppy execution of an admittedly despicable attack actually works to “distract” Liberals from the testimony yesterday, then they have bigger issues that just getting the OLO revamped.

    I’m being serious here, and not meant as a slam on you or even the Liberal Party. But a political party needs to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

    I hope freak sideshows don’t work as well as you envision, because the conservatives have many acts to follow I’m sure.

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