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Local Woodstock Ontario blogger/resident/business owner Jim Bender recently wrote some harsh and appropriate words on his blog at the idiots who defaced the local Cenotaph with Nazi swastikas and slogans the day before Remembrance Day.

This is what he got in his email in response.

Disgusting… I’ve already urged Jim to turn the email over to the local authorities. I’m not entirely surprised unfortunately.


3 comments to Cowards

  • Roll Tide

    A total lack of respect for those who sacrificed, defacing a cenotaph, what scum. I hope they nail him.

    I remember seeing a similar jerk wearing a shirt with the hammer and sickle logo at a Air Cadet review, in the Richmond Hill Legion Hall of all places. I pointed this out immediately to the commanding officer, who approached the individual and showed him the door.

  • Al

    It shouldn’t be too difficult to trace the IP address of the sender. Obviously whoever defaced the cenotaph isn’t too bright and if the sender of the email is in the same league maybe he isn’t adept at completely hiding his identity. You are not as anonymous as you think.

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