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An unhealthy obsession with Blackberries…

Conservative MP Rick Dykstra at Remembrance Day ceremonies yesterday, apparently in St. Catherines:

Dykstra texting during Remembrance Day Ceremony

Seriously, can’t you ignore the ‘Berry for a few minutes on Remembrance Day? I’d be saying this to anyone, not just if he’s a Con MP.


3 comments to An unhealthy obsession with Blackberries…

  • Roll Tide

    Dykstra was apparently was taking pictures and live blogging the event.

    From the St Catherines local paper.
    “The photo of Dykstra using his BlackBerry was taken by Renate Hodges, campaign manager for former St. Catharines Liberal MP Walt Lastewka”

    Now they both got caught.
    Callers to AM610 this morning felt Liberal Walt Lastewka looked even more foolish.

    The good news is the crowds and respect we are seeing for our veterans. You did not see this years ago in the Hippie Trudeau era.

  • Frank

    Agreed. That was very inappropriate.

  • lr

    No kidding! I’m sure he’s loving the fact it’s all over the internet too!

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