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In remembrance

No political barbs today…

Remembrance Day at Ottawa - 2009

…just a post remembering all those who have served Canada in past and present conflicts. Personally, I’m very lucky to have 2 grandfathers who are still alive who served in World War 2. I’ll be remembering them today for their service.


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  • Roll Tide

    I would not be here if it was not for the sacrifice of our brave Canadian soldiers liberating Holland. My Dutch Father spent time in a German concentration camp, and my Mother witnessed the Nazi horror of German soldiers hauling Jewish patients away from a home for the mentally disabled. She witnessed her 30 year old uncle in Putten hauled away only never to return. (Putten war crime.)

    God bless everyone of those who sacrificed their lives, and God bless those brave men who served and made it home (Scott’s Grandfather’s). God Bless our troops in Afghanistan.
    May we NEVER EVER forget.

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