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Spending some stimulus money in non-Conservative ridings might help…

That’s my suggestion for Harper’s Conservatives, in the light of this news:

Canada’s unemployment rate jumped two notches to 8.6 per cent last month as employers unexpectedly shed jobs, suggesting the country is still struggling for a sustained recovery. Employers cut 43,200 positions in October, with all the losses in part-time work, Statistics Canada said Friday. Economists had expected about 10,000 new jobs following two months of gains.

The job numbers might have been worse then what is being shown:

Not only did 43,200 jobs vanish into thin air in October – the result would have been worse without the pick-up of 27,500 in self-employment during the month. That meant there were 70,700 fewer actual employees in October – 45,200 fewer in the private sector, and 25,600 less in the public sector. In a weak economy, economists discount self-employment gains as mostly involuntary, the result of enterprising Canadians who have tried but cannot find regular employment.


3 comments to Spending some stimulus money in non-Conservative ridings might help…

  • Frank

    Responding to S above:

    There is probably a greater trickle-down affect created by money spent on construction and manufacturing industries over money spent on child care. It seems pretty obvious to me, but then I haven’t really had much of a chance to formulate a Fundamental Christian conspiracy theory like you have.

    But you do may a good point, and I’m going to think more on your Fundamental Christian conspiracy theory, as well as the possibilty that extraterrestrials are using mind control ray guns to subvert all the stimulus money away from child care solely towards programs that build infra-structure, so that they can use that infrastructure when they swoop down on the Earth to take-over the planet.


  • S

    What would have been really good would have been to spend some money on sectors that employ women. Most of the money has gone to conservative ridings for construction jobs that tend to employ mostly men.

    There are still lots of communities that are desperate for more child care spaces. Ooops, no, women are supposed to be at home and only men are supposed to go to work. That’s why women were ignored in the stimulus program. Can we call a spade a spade soon and point out that this policy is based on the party’s Fundamentalist Christian policies? No one in the blogosphere seems to want to touch the third rail.

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