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The Auditor-General is a Liberal hack and/or over-politicizing a crisis!

Will there be any of that today from our media or Conservative supporters over Auditor-General Sheila Fraser’s report that says the opposition parties are correct in being critical of the Federal Conservative government’s pandemic approach – or lack thereof ?  I’m guessing not, and note the title of this story:

Opposition joins AG in criticizing government’s pandemic planning

“Certainly an approved plan would have clearly indicated what the role was for Public Safety Canada, what the roles of the other departments and the federal government would be, and would also have brought in the co-ordination with the provinces, municipalities and territories,” Fraser told reporters.

The federal department charged with disaster planning is itself a disaster when it comes to preparing for emergencies as varied as the swine flu pandemic, floods and terrorist attacks, says Auditor General Sheila Fraser. “We found that Public Safety Canada has not exercised the leadership necessary to co-ordinate emergency management activities,” Fraser concluded in her latest report, tabled in the House of Commons on Tuesday.Her department did not study the current H1N1 crisis, but Fraser believes that had Public Safety Canada put pandemic management plans in place, there would have been less confusion.

This report bolsters the credibility of the opposition attacks on the government – if any more credibility was needed.

As an aside, take note of the rest of Sheila Fraser’s report detailing other failings of the federal Conservative government, which Greg Weston, that noted Liberal hack in that noted Liberal rag The Toronto Sun, wrote about with the title, Fraser exposes Tories: Auditor general’s report calls Conservatives’ competence into question.

UPDATE: This is a rather curious quote from Professor Tom Flanagan, former mentor of Stephen Harper. I’m not sure whether its a defense of the Conservative government or a criticism:

“People get sick every day and people die. It is too bad, but not an emergency… The government was bullied by the World Health Organization and by the media into going for, you know, what I think is a crazy policy of universal vaccination.” (Tom Flanagan, CBC’s Power and Politics, November 3, 2009)

One thing’s for sure, Tom’s a real compassionate Conservative, isn’t he?


3 comments to The Auditor-General is a Liberal hack and/or over-politicizing a crisis!

  • Al

    The words “compassionate Conservative” in the same sentence is a oxymoron Scott

  • slg

    Liberal hack? If she was she wouldn’t have opened up Adscam.

    Methinks, perhaps, the Ethics Commissioner is a Tory hack.

  • This is EASY. (Disclosure: I have not read in detail her report)

    Interesting headline. I agree with the recommendations of the AG regardless of the current party in power. Will you agree to support her previous or future Reports if they find fault with your party?

    For me it is about credibility. She has it.

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