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A perfect example of a ‘red herring’ provided by the Conservatives

So, my last blogpost observed yesterday one of the levels of government was going to get blamed by the public for the H1N1 vaccine shortage if it continued. I didn’t say who I thought should be blamed; I just said someone was going to be if this situation continued. If you read the headlines and commentators today from various sources, you see that the federal Conservative government seems to be getting a share of the blame for this crisis.

Even as Harper-hating as I am, I’m not quite personally at the stage where I’m ready to condemn them as being at major fault for the situation over H1N1 and the vaccine shortage yet. However, when I see the Conservatives apparently announce via their #1 mouthpiece on the Blogging Tories that out of the blue (no pun intended), they are going to on Tuesday try to dredge up the Sponsorship Scandal yet again via Dean Del Maestro and force a vote on committee asking the Auditor-General to investigate where missing money got to, I have to wonder what exactly their internal polling is saying regarding not only the public’s attitude toward them on the H1N1 vaccine bungled rollout, but on the negative reports toward them about doing pork-barrel politicking with the stimulus funding.

This seems to be (as BCL said) a classic red-herring maneuver designed to try and distract the public and/or media from their general negative publicity they’ve received and are receiving over those recent 2 topics/issues.

UPDATE: The Health Minister blaming the “panicked public” for the vaccine shortage isn’t going to help the federal Conservative’s cause here.

UPDATE 2: Very good point here at the end paragraph.


8 comments to A perfect example of a ‘red herring’ provided by the Conservatives

  • slg

    I looked at Caroyn Bennett’s credentials – she’s not to be laughed at.

  • Mark Watson

    Can anyone confirm or deny rumours that in Alberta there have been ‘special clinics’ for government members (Ed Stelmach, Conservative caucus, senior bureaucrats), even as they cancelled ALL clinics for other Albertans including front-line health care workers?

    I confirmed the clinic cancellations with representatives of the local health-care workers’ union today, but have been unable to check on the ‘special clinics’…

  • Informed people wouldn’t be in a panic to get a shot. The Conservatives did a terrible job. And how does laughing at Carolyn Bennett constitute ‘getting the message out?’

    Setting the record straight on flu vaccinations is a lot more important than $60 million of our money spent by the Harper Government to tell us that they are spending our money.

  • “panicked public” Well, if they were better informed, would they be as panicked? Too bad the Feds were too busy spending our money on partisan ads rather than spending more explaining H1N12 to us.

    • Roll Tide

      @Mark Francis,

      Mark: The Feds did too good a job informing. The Feds were a victim of there own success. A few weeks ago they were taking hits when polls showed less then half of the people wanted one.

  • james Isherwood

    Why is the U S not complaining about vaccine shortages now, but Canada is?

    Just a simple question maybe Harper and the conservatives can answer.

    • wilson

      They are complaining in the US james.
      And with good reason, they look north with envy.
      Todate, the US has 22 million doses of vaccine out there (only 11 m doses last week),
      Canada has 6 million.

      US can vaccinate 8% of the pop (3 weeks into the program),
      Canada 18% (one week into the program).

  • Northern PoV

    Whenever GW Bush ran into trouble he and his minions would start mumbling about 9-11.
    Seems Harper’s crew does the same, substituting adscam for 9-11

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