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H1N1 blowback – Someone’s going to get it

In brief, I’m not quite sure who is more to blame for the apparent shortfall in H1N1 flu planning – the federal government for not getting their flu plan going quickly enough, or the provinces for not anticipating the rush to get the shot and failing to set up enough clinics. Whoever is to blame, when crowds are getting turned away and/or waiting hours on end to get the H1N1 shot, the blowback from the public is going to be fierce and have political repercussions for somebody, if this continues for much longer – particularly if we have more high profile cases of people/kids dying from this pandemic.


9 comments to H1N1 blowback – Someone’s going to get it

  • Roll Tide

    David Axelrod on H1N1

    We over promised. Only 26 Million out so far. (Less then 10% of population)

    Canada has had 6 Million out (about 20%).

    Take note John Prince.

  • Chaos and lies. That’s from the feds. If there was as much vaccine rolling out as they’d promised (which was more than what they now are saying they were expecting to deliver, which is far more than they are actually delivering), then the provinces would be at fault for setting up such a limited delivery system. But as it is, I put the blame on the feds, because the provinces can only deliver what they receive.

  • Green assassin Brigade

    too little too late and yes someone is going to pay for this politically My kids have been sick since wednesday, chills, fever yada yada, before the vaccine even hit the streets.

    My son’s kindergarden had only 11 of 21 students friday yet there have been no reporting localy or regionaly about this apparent hot spot, no class closures, no notification from school or region.
    The other issue is since they don’t test you for the virus unless you’re admitted to hospital, I can’t assume we are immune and skip the shot.

    Me I had 3 days of endless headache and a couple of unsheduled naps.

  • Joan Richard

    This situation was perfectly predictable but our government was too busy spending money on its own agenda to understand. They say it’s not serious but EVERYONE should get the vaccine. The message has been mixed right from the beginning and is still confused and confusing. Had they spent a little time and money assuring that there was adequate staff to administer what vaccine is available, that might have been a start. Now, of course, they will blame the Provinces, but they were the ones spreading the message. It is a botched program and blatantly indicates the incompetence of this government in managing any issue about which they have no interest.

  • It turns out we put all our eggs in one basket by having only one supplier for the flu vaccine, while the US made sure they had at least five. If this alone is not enough to tell you how incompetent these people are who are running our government and our health services, I don’t know what else to tell you?…

    The above is an excerpt from a post I just did on this subject. Sad to say, but it looks like ‘Harper’s Katrina’ is upon us.

  • Didn’t the Toronto Board of Health give the vaccine to that private Clinic, the very rich go to.?

  • slg

    I heard Dr. Davide Butler-Jones in an interview say they had a hint there may not be enough – none of the interviewers – Taber/Oliver challenged him on this. Did he advise the provinces that he had a hint there may not be enough?

    Harper’s bobbleheads are doing the usual blame game – it’s everyone else’s fault.

  • Liam

    Well, someone lied to the public when they said they had enough vaccine to take care of all Canadians. Did that not originate from the federal department of Health, making the Cons accountable for this mess?

  • lr

    i’m just wondering how many of us ‘healthy ones’ are actually going to wait for hours outside on Dec 7th (that’s when we’re on schedule in Quebec) to get the vaccine.
    I don’t think so.

    Something’s gotta change.

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