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Monday Bits and Bytes.

Would you like some water with your bacteria?

Bacteria resistant to some antibiotics have been found in Toronto tap water, a University of Michigan scientist says. The water remains safe to drink, he said, but the finding raises the possibility that disease-causing bacteria will pick up the resistance genes. The researchers don’t know what kinds of bacteria they’ve found, just that they can’t be killed by antibiotics. But most bacteria in the environment are not the kinds that cause human disease, so the water is safe to drink, the researchers said.

I’m not sure I’d be particularly reassured by that. I wonder whether other city and municipal drinking water is the same way. My parents are out in the countryside and use well water (200 feet down or more I believe – they had to drill through bedrock to find the spring), and I’m curious whether that water is also with resistant bacteria.

– Kady O’Malley formally introduced her blogging style and herself yesterday to CBC News readers (hopefully, she will not be affected adversely by the new driver hands-free legislation in Ontario which forbids folks from texting or calling on devices such as Blackberries in their vehicles, and if you’ve read her columns, you know BB’ing is Kady’s lifeblood). Today, she has made her first formal political blogpost at CBC News, where she recently moved to from Macleans. She will be writing under the “Inside Politics” blog banner over there apparently. Best of luck to her and her new endeavor.


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