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A thankless job.

I admire the folks for helping to run this on a volunteer basis every year:

The 2009 CBAs are right around the corner. The categories have been trimmed, and the voting has gone preferential so voting splitting will be reduced. And you can nominate your favourite blogs and posts from the last year to get the competition underway, starting October 25, 2009.


The Canadian Blog Awards, which celebrate the best in the Canadian blog world, are back for 2009! This annual competition allows anyone to nominate a favourite Canadian blog or blogger in categories including “Best New Blog”, “Best Political Blog”, “Best Humour Blog” and “Best Personal Blog.”

It’s one I would never attempt to get directly involved in for judging or making up categories  however – I don’t need unnecessary stress in my life 😉


8 comments to A thankless job.


    Scott, off topic, but it looks like your old domain name has an attack site installed on it. If Gluemeat is still owned by your friend, they should clean up their server.

    • @Saskboy, See above for my concern with NBC Dipper.. i think your shrinking the field just made it more likely – not less – that shenanigans are going to happen.

      I believe Mike is aware of the Gluemeat problem.

  • Come on! You make it sound like the Canadian Blog Awards are some sort of Sisyphean task.

    Actually, beyond the, ahh, “negative overexcitment” of a few, they actually go quite well, and I’m sure that the changes we have put in place this year will make CBA ’09 one of the more better and fun CBAs yet.

    • @Northern BC Dipper, On a related note, I have a concern with you folks shrinking categories.. particularly with “best political blog” lumping everything into one big category.

      You well know right wingers and conservatives are extremely good at “freeping” polls or online votes. I’m concerned all you’re doing by shrinking categories is ensuring those folks who are the most apt to spam votes. You’re asking for trouble in my view, and it should have kept its expanded format.

      • @Scott Tribe, This is where I have great hope for the new preferential polling system we will be using, along with some rules changes (categories with 30 nominees or over will have the top 10 choices in the second round) that should hopefully ensure political diversity.

        But one thing is for sure: the CBAs are mostly for fun, and hosting the great big left-right political argument-fest that the last 2 years have been tends to reduce the fun, so something had to be done, and I think our solution is fair.

        • @Northern BC Dipper, We’ll see.

          Here’s another point I made to Saskboy.. and I’m going to make it to you … saw Pogge make this in discussions with those now boycotting because of the exclusion again of a best feminist blog category:

          “If I was going to run a blog awards, I’d probably model it after the Koufax Awards which ran in the U.S. for a few years. That didn’t have a category for feminism either. What it did have was a category for Best Single Issue Blog and another for Best Expert Blog. Conceivably a blog which was predominately about feminism might fit quite nicely into either.”

          I endorse that approach as well… it’s one you folks really should consider.

        • @Scott Tribe, Well, that’s an idea to put into consideration next year; however, I don’t remember the similar “best activist blog”, a similar sort of comprise, to be that successful when it was available two years ago either.

  • In other countdown news, it’s only 5912 days until the Conservatives meet our Kyoto pollution control targets.

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