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More media investigations on stimulus grants..

..this one is done by the Globe and Mail, and they find more evidence of Conservatives funneling money disproportionately to ridings they held over ones held by opposition parties – this time in reference to funding for recreational facilities:

A high-profile Harper government stimulus program created to build hockey rinks and other recreation projects has funnelled about 33 per cent per cent more money to Conservative seats than to opposition ridings in the battleground province of Ontario. An analysis by The Globe and Mail shows Tory ridings received an average of $2.1-million, compared to $1.5-million on average for opposition ridings.

This bolsters even further the Liberals study initiated by Gerard Kennedy that shows the Conservatives favouring their ridings over opposition-held ones when sending out stimulus grants. We now have had 3 separate investigations by the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, the Ottawa Citizen and the Globe and Mail, which shows the Conservatives are using this stimulus money not for all Canadians, but for the ones that voted for them, which Kennedy rightly decries:

Infrastructure critic Gerard Kennedy, whose party also released a study today with similar results, said the partisan bias under the Ontario RInC program is unacceptable. “In effect, Mr. Harper is saying that some children who need recreation facilities are worth less than others, that some unemployed Canadians who need jobs are worth less than others, simply if they live in the majority of ridings that did not elect a member of his party,” Mr. Kennedy said. “It’s utterly unacceptable.”

Kudos to Kennedy for keeping the Harper government’s feet to the fire, and helping to make the media aware of this outrageous pork-barrel politicking going on with Harper’s government.


7 comments to More media investigations on stimulus grants..

  • Big Winnie

    More deflection of the issue by Reform/Cons…ok, I’ll play along. When Eaves was in power, Flaherty hid a $5billion deficit from the public. Now as Finance minister, he hid the truth about the state of the economy, (i.e no deficits). Well, I’d rather have a gov’t that comes out and tells the people like it is, not a gov’t that hides everything and tries to paint a rosy picture.

    But to get back on topic, why is it you Reform/Cons continue to blame everyone else for the failures of the gov’t?

  • kwittet

    so liberal ridings get 1.5 and con ridings get 2 mil. as a notorious liberal leader once said..whats a billion..but this is just half a million. the way i see it everyone is getting some. christ..whining about this..find something serious to complain about.

    liberals..when you cant confuse the facts with issues character assassinate!

    today we get to find out how much dalton has buried ontario in debt..despite the fact that he RAISED taxes over 250 times..which is really bad!!

  • Briguyhfx

    Peter “Potato Patch” MacKay’s favourite excuse for the lopsided funding is that 3 levels of government are involved in the decision (i.e. that the projects are not all federal decisions). I personally think that this excuse is an invitation to the media to dig deeper, and calculate the provincial distribution by party, and if possible the municipal distribution by perceived party allegiance. I’d be curious about the result.

    But then, I am a hopeless perfectionist.

  • Big Winnie


    Here is a link to refute your claims:

    Why would TO city officials, sympathetic to the CONs, go to Ottawa unless they were begging for money, which the CONs were more than willing to do.

    Also when you have a city coucil that is unaware that they even asked for funding, as is the case of the school in Guergis(sp) riding, what does that tell you about cooperation between the levels of government…so don’t hand me your BS!

  • Roll Tide

    Elgin Barrow Arena in Richmond Hill got stimulus funding.
    That is a Liberal riding.

    Fact is this is done in conjunction with the Province and Municipalities. Many NON TORIES read David Miller, Dalton McGuinty. A lot of provincial liberal riding’s.

    Tons of $ headed for Toronto. No Tory MP’s or MPP’s.
    Harper was always bad mouthed by Miller, and all the Toronto MP’s. Yet they get MILLIONS.

    You will never make a Liberal happy. They complain that not enough stimulus money spent, then complain about size of deficit. They voted for both.

    Seems the Liberal whining stems from their guilt feelings over previous Liberal government money directed toward Liberal party coffers in the form of cash.

    As much as I dislike stimulus money, lets be thankful this was not administered by a Liberal Government, no HRDC , gun registry boondoggle, no cash in brown paper bags..

    Liberals beginning to behave like spoiled children.

  • Big Winnie

    I really enjoy watching the Reform/Cons try to squirm their way out of their partisan spending on TV. Tom Clark asked some very pointed questions and, in my opinion, they were not answered (what else is new)…Let’s talk about Toronto was the answer…Guess what folks, Toronto DOES NOT make up the majority of Canada…What about the other regions?

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