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What’s that old Winston Churchill Lord Acton saying?

Gerry Nicholls, who worked with Stephen Harper at the right-wing National Citizens Coalition several years ago, and has been one of Harper’s most vocal critics from the right-wing conservative side of the Canadian political spectrum over all these partisan maneuvers the Conservative government is attempting to do with politicizing the Economic Action Plan (the various list of partisan things they’ve been doing is listed at my previous blogpost) was quoted last night on the CBC National as saying this:

“When I worked with Stephen Harper at the national citizens’ coalition, this kind of stuff used to drive him crazy when governments would use public money for partisan purposes.”

I believe the first part of the Winston Churchill Lord Acton saying is “power corrupts”, and that may be a simple explanation to give to Gerry as the reason for Harper’s metamorphosis. Harper and the Conservatives will apparently do everything and anything at all costs to seduce the Canadian public to give them their long sought after majority to be able to impose the more controversial aspects of their right-wing agenda on Canada, which has been hidden or kept in check due to the minority government situation they have been in.

Here’s the CBC report from last night.

UPDATE: Warren links to a new investigation by the Ottawa Citizen with the key passage being:

“..The numbers — drawn from the federal government’s own website — bolster opposition allegations of pork-barreling in the multibillion-dollar stimulus package“.

UPDATE 2: On a side-note, I’m informed in comments by Pogge that the purported Winston Churchill saying (“power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely”) was actually uttered by Lord Acton, another British politician a British historian. Apparently, Churchill quoted Acton when he used this, but it appears he often gets credited for coming up with it.

UPDATE 3: These are getting passed around today by various folks:



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